1349 Streams Dark New Track “Shadow Point” and Reveals Upcoming Album


1349 arrives to chill you amidst the scorching temperatures with their fresh track “Shadow Point”. The track is accompanied by a music video helmed by Claudio Marino and crafted by Artax Film, announcing the forthcoming 1349 album The Wolf And The King set to drop on October 4.

“‘Shadow Point’ serves as a tribute to The Demon Star, symbolizing violence and bloodshed,” vocalized 1349 frontman Ravn. “It is a fitting forewarning of what lies ahead on The Wolf And The King.”

Delving into the upcoming album, Ravn explains: “When I initially encountered alchemy during my youth, it was about transforming metal into gold. As time passed, exploring various literatures and mystical disciplines, I came to realize that the alchemical transformation was metaphorical. It entails personal growth at its core. The aim is to strive for one’s utmost potential, which is what we aim to achieve as well. Constantly pushing our limits, sacrificing our egos to evolve as individuals. Without this process, stagnation awaits, hindering our rebirth.”

You can place your pre-orders for The Wolf And The King here.

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