ANNIHILATION A.D. Collaborates with TRIVIUM’s MATT HEAFY On Intense New Track “Impervious (Unrepentant)”


Extinction A.D. has revealed today that their fourth album, To The Detested, is set to be launched on August 16th via Unique Leader Records.

Simultaneously, we are given the initial glimpse of the collection through the music video for “Impervious (Unrepentant)”, an explosive track featuring Trivium’s Matthew Kiichi Heafy.

“‘Impervious’ presents another challenge for us in pushing our boundaries,” the band elaborates. “Exploring diverse rhythms, instruments, and the addition of guest vocals from Matt Heafy. Collaborating with Matt on both the song and the video was truly rewarding and immensely enjoyable. He has been a strong advocate of the band from the start, so it was fantastic to come together for music after all this time.”

“As time progresses, certain things seem to spiral deeper into a deteriorating abyss in our world. In the current situation, people are gradually losing their compassion, making it increasingly challenging to survive without succumbing to becoming a monster yourself.”

To The Detested follows their earlier EP Ruthless Intent from this year.

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