Annonce: DARK FUNERAL Reveals Commemorative Version for Their First EP on its 30th Anniversary


Dark Funeral is marking the 30th anniversary of their initial EP release by presenting a completely reimagined version of their 1994 debut EP Dark Funeral. The EP has undergone a new mix by David Castillo and once again, re-mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson, in addition to the aforementioned re-recorded tracks that follow the original.

“Back in January 1994, Blackmoon (RIP) and I pooled our entire earnings and savings into a recording session and pressing 1,000 copies of our 4-track debut Mini-CD,” stated Dark Funeral guitarist and founding member Lord Ahriman. “The Mini-CD was self-released by us.”

“To now reach this significant 30th anniversary milestone is indeed a great honor for myself and the band. Three decades of Swedish Black Metal enriched with cherished recollections.

“The time has come for us to reminisce on the inception of it all, a 30-year saga teeming with adventures and an unshakable connection. And in this tribute, we have revitalized these legendary tunes and granted them a sincere yet contemporary revamp. Enjoy!”

You can place your pre-orders for Dark Funeral right here.

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