ATAVISTIA Unleashes New Song “Dark Isolation” From Their Upcoming EP


The band Atavistia from Vancouver will soon unveil their latest EP titled Inane Ducam (this translates to ‘I Will Lead Into Nothingness’) on July 19, 2024. Enjoy their intense new track “Dark Isolation” as they showcase their exceptional musical skills.

Including new members Elia Baghbaniyan on guitars and Spencer Budworth on bass and vocals, the EP aims to experiment with various music genres while staying true to the distinctive sound that defines Atavistia.

Founder of the band, Mattias Sippola, shared: “‘Inane Ducam‘ was an exploratory venture in music composition – exploring lower tunings, introducing Spencer‘s brutal growls, and pushing the tempo to nearly 300BPM. The somber and cold winter months of 2023 in Vancouver served as inspiration for creating this unique musical offering.”

Whether you are familiar with their music or new to the band, make sure to visit their Bandcamp page.

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