BLACK CROWN INITIATE Plans Fresh Music Release Later in the Year


Black Crown Initiate is making a comeback and appears to now consist of a pair of members who departed the group in 2022. The band’s guitarist Andy Thomas and bassist Nick Shaw shared on Instagram their plans for releasing new music later this year. Although the current lineup remains uncertain, fans can anticipate any new music following the band’s 2020 album Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape.

“Greetings to all! It has been some time, and we acknowledge that many things have changed for you, as they have for us. We wish to inform you that, commencing later this year, we will release music whenever time allows,” stated Black Crown Initiate.

“As some may be aware, Andy is now immersed as a full-time member of Rivers of Nihil, and Nick has embraced a settled life and has begun a lovely new family. Amidst these changes, we’ve realized our yearning to create music together in the same vein as our initial inspirations: for our own fulfillment. If this resonates with you, stay tuned.”

Thomas candidly discussed his departure from Black Crown Initiate during a 2022 interview, citing the challenges faced after releasing Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape in 2020 without the ability to tour, and being pressured by the label for another album, which influenced his perspective on the band at that time.

“There were occasions over the past few years where I hinted to [James] that I was feeling somewhat burned out by it all. Especially after unveiling that last album during the pandemic. It felt like a self-inflicted wound. You invest two years into a project, release it, and then can’t tour, all while your record label advises you, ‘No worries, just produce another. It’s a freebie. Don’t fret about its reception. It’s during the pandemic.’ It made me realize that perhaps I didn’t want to continue pouring my soul out again in the way I did [for that record].”

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