BLACK WOUND Warping Structure: An In-Depth Album Analysis


Making metal like this comes with its own set of challenges. Death-doom music has the potential to either captivate listeners with its powerful sounds or leave them feeling uninspired. Many bands fall into the trap of creating songs that lack hooks and excitement while trying to maintain a heavy sound. On the other hand, some bands attempt to introduce avant-garde elements but end up producing unappealing music. Sweden’s Black Wound has successfully struck a balance between creating a terrifying auditory experience and crafting compelling riffs, avoiding these common pitfalls.

Listening to Warping Structure feels like entering a realm of haunting nightmares, experienced from an outsider’s perspective. Despite having the option to turn off the music and walk away, the allure of the distorted bass, intense guitars, and intense drums melded with William Kaloczy‘s diverse vocal range keeps you immersed in this chilling world. Noteworthy is the striking snare sound produced by Gustaf Magnusson, reminiscent of hardcore music, adding an unhinged quality that leaves you craving more.

For those seeking a comparison, Black Wound shares similarities with bands like Dragged Into Sunlight, Spectral Voice, and Coffinworm. However, the band distinguishes itself with a unique energy that sets them apart. Elements of Disembowelment can be heard in the atmospheric moments, along with subtle influences from bands like Eyehategod, Incantation, and Immolation , buried beneath layers of terror.

Warping Structure is an intense album meant to be experienced in its entirety. The seamless flow of the tracks makes it challenging to pick out individual favorites. However, a few tracks stand out, such as the energetic “Rag,” perfect for moshing. The title track captivates with its infectious atmosphere, as guitarist Daniel Lysatchov mesmerizes with his opening riff. For those craving straightforward death metal, crank up the volume for “Trench Blast.”

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Remarkably, there is no filler in this album. If you desire a death-doom record filled with reverb, brutality, and chilling moments, this is the perfect choice. While many bands have ventured into this genre over the years, only a few managed to create lasting impressions beyond the initial hype. Black Wound’s Warping Structure promises a dark world waiting to be explored, complete with a mosh pit. The surprising accessibility of this noisy music is indeed a pleasant revelation.


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