BLOOD INCANTATION Announces Extensive, Dual-Track New Album Absolute Elsewhere


Blood Incantation has revealed a new album named Absolute Elsewhere set to be released on October 4, promising a truly remarkable experience. Absolute Elsewhere comprises two tracks, each lasting over 20 minutes – “The Stargate” and “The Message” – taking listeners on a captivating cosmic journey.

Absolute Elsewhere represents our most potent musical adventure thus far; akin to the musical score of a Herzog-style Science Fiction odyssey about the chronicles of/struggle for human awareness itself, presented in the form of a Progressive Rock album evocative of the 70s and performed by a Death Metal ensemble from the future,” stated Blood Incantation‘s Paul Riedl.

Absolute Elsewhere takes its title from the obscure mid-’70s progressive rock collective that included King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford. More precisely, the album draws inspiration from their 1976 release In Search of Ancient Gods, which was conceived as a musical accompaniment to the literature of Erich Von Daniken and his hypotheses regarding alien influences on human evolution. So, it embodies the essence of genuine Blood Incantation material.

Absolute Elsewhere was crafted at Hansa Tonstudios in Berlin, Germany in July 2023 under the guidance of producer Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Spectral Voice, Kreator, etc.) and features contributions from Tangerine Dream‘s Thorsten Quaeschning, who provided lead synths, Mellotron, and programming for “The Stargate [Tablet II]”. Additional special appearances include Nicklas Malmqvist from Hällas on lead synths/keys, piano, and Mellotron across all tracks; and Malte Gericke (Sijjin, ex-Necros Christos) lending his native language vocals.

Embracing a classic Prog Rock aesthetic, the album is adorned with contemporary visionary artworks by the renowned and enigmatic 70s Science Fiction artist Steve R. Dodd.

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As we eagerly await new material, Blood Incantation has also introduced the Stargate Research Society discord and application – a platform for discussions encompassing all things related to Blood Incantation, which you can explore here.


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