Brand New Selections From ENTERPRISE EARTH, GHOUL


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Enterprise Earth – Death: An Anthology

The Weekly Injection: Brand New Selections From ENTERPRISE EARTH, GHOUL & More Out Today 2/2

Style: Deathcore/groove metal
Place of Origin: Spokane, Washington
Record Label: MNRK Heavy

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This album – which I had to double-check multiple times was not a compilation – showcases Enterprise Earth bringing in the heavy riffs with plenty of technical elements scattered throughout. They’ve also invited some friends along for the ride. Expect guest appearances from Ben of Shadow of Intent, Darius from Spite, Matt from Trivium, and Wes from Alluvial.

Ghoul – Noxious Concoctions

The Weekly Injection: Brand New Selections From ENTERPRISE EARTH, GHOUL & More Out Today 2/2

Style: Death metal/thrash
Place of Origin: Oakland, California
Record Label: Tankcrimes

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It has been eight years since Ghoul has released more than just a new single, and the anticipation for some of their brutal, thrashy death metal is finally over. This is a five-track EP featuring four originals and a Funerot cover. An exhilarating journey, as always.

KMFDM – Let Go

The Weekly Injection: Brand New Selections From ENTERPRISE EARTH, GHOUL & More Out Today 2/2

Style: Industrial
Place of Origin: Hamburg, Germany
Record Label: Metropolis

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If you feel like grooving while blasting some loud electric guitars, KMFDM has got you covered. This album gives off vibes from that dancing scene in the second Matrix movie, but with a more 80’s-90’s alternative twist.

meth. – Shame

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From ENTERPRISE EARTH, GHOUL & More Out Today 2/2

Genre: Experimental/dissonant death metal
Origin: Chicago, Illinois
Label: Prosthetic

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Didn’t you find some recent dancing enjoyable? Well, that enjoyment concludes now with the newest offering from meth.. This album is clamorous and incensed, inducing a sense of discomfort. The lyrics delve into themes such as depression, addiction, and trauma. So, yes, it’s quite an uplifting experience. Listen to the entire album here.

Necrowretch – Swords Of Dajjal

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From ENTERPRISE EARTH, GHOUL & More Out Today 2/2

Genre: Blackened death metal
Origin: Valence, Rhône-Alpes, France
Label: Season Of Mist

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Next up is a wicked French blackened death metal album. Following a four-year gap since their previous malevolent release, the band has refreshed their rhythm section. The newly added members are proficient in delivering powerful auditory assaults. This is a somber and gratifying listening experience for enthusiasts of vigorous headbanging.

Persefone – Lingua Ignota: Part I

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From ENTERPRISE EARTH, GHOUL & More Out Today 2/2

Genre: Progressive/melodic death metal
Origin: Andorra la Vella, Andorra
Label: Napalm

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The past year saw Persefone parting ways with their lead singer and welcoming new vocalist Daniel R. Flys. This EP serves as our introduction to him. While retaining their signature progressive and melodic style, this rendition of Persefone is more intense compared to 2022’s Metanoia. Anticipation builds for the potential future releases stemming from this adjustment. Read Lauren‘s comprehensive review here.

Them Moose Rush – Zepaxia

Category: Forward-looking rock
Source: Bjelovar, Croatia
Brand: Delivery of Sound/Dusty Ancient Brand
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Ending the week with a band I will support whenever possible. Them Moose Rush are a group that are consistently changing from album to album, and often even within each one. Zepaxia resembles Royal Blood, Portugal. The Man, Dead Poet Society, and others if they consumed a smoothie of funk, weed, and prog.

In addition to these, new releases this week…
  • Artillery – Raw Live (In Copenhell) (Mighty) – Hard-hitting rock
  • Banks Arcade – Death 2 (UNFD) – Hard rock
  • Baratro The Sweet Smell of Unrest (Improved Sequence Records) – Noisy rock/experimental
  • Being As An Ocean – Death Can Wait (Out Of Line) – Melodic hardcore
  • Big Scenic Nowhere – The Waydown (Heavy Psych Sounds) – Forward-thinking/psychedelic rock – Exclusive preview
  • Bipolar Architecture – Metaphysicize (Pelagic) – Post-hardcore
  • Corpsevore Feed The Plague (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) – Hard-hitting rock/grindcore
  • Deadyellow What Was Left of Them (Self-released) – Post-black rock
  • The DeathtonesUniversal Monsters (We Are Horror Records) – Horror rock
  • Drunemeton – Tir Nan Og (Heidens Hart) – Dark rock
  • Dwarrowdelf The Fallen Leaves (Northern Silence Productions) – Epic dark rock
  • Graywitch Children Of Gods (Sleaszy Rider SRL) – Loud rock
  • Hasturian Vigil – Unveiling The Brac’thal (Invictus) – Loud/dark rock
  • Hero And The HorrorOld Ghosts (Salt Of The Earth Records) – Intense rock
  • Hollow Woods – Like Twisted Bones Of Fallen Giants (Signal Rex) – Dark rock
  • House Of Atreus – Orations EP (Iron Bonehead) – Melodic dark rock
  • Ignis AbsconditusGolden Horses Of A Dying Future (My Kingdom Music) – Loud/experimental rock
  • Levels – Pulse EP (SharpTone) – Hard-hitting/experimental rock
  • Litosth – Cesariana (Personal) – Melodic dark rock
  • Masser The Forlorn Path (Self-released) – Hard-hitting rock
  • Meanstreak – Blood Moon EP (Step Off) – Loud/powerful rock
  • Mind Conflict Temple Of God (Self-released) – Hard-hitting rock
  • Myrath – Karma (earMusic) – Forward-thinking/powerful rock
  • Night Fever – Dead End (Svart) – Intense music
  • Obsidian TongueThe Stone Heart (Self-released) – Dark rock
  • Perveration – Putrefaction Of Infinite Apogee (Comatose) – Brutal hard-hitting rock
  • Reconciler – Art For Our Sake (Smartpunk) – Punk/Horror
  • Silent Stream of Godless Elegy Jiná (Redblack Productions) – Traditional hard-hitting rock
  • Slope – Freak Dreams (Century Media) – Experimental hard-hitting rock/alternative rock
  • Solbrud – IIII (Vendetta) – Dark rock
  • Stages Of Decomposition – Raptures Of Psychopathy (Gore House) – Brutal hard-hitting rock
  • Transit Method – Othervoid (Brutal Panda) – Forward-thinking rock
  • Troy The BandCataclysm (Bonebag Records) – Doom-gaze
  • Unaussprechlichen Kulten – Häxan Sabaoth (Iron Bonehead) – Hard-hitting rock
  • UtopiaShame (Self-released) – Advanced hard-hitting/powerful rock – Exclusive preview
  • Vægtløs Aftryk (Self-released) – Dark rock/shoegaze
  • Wandering Oak Resilience (Self-released) – Loud/dark rock
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