Capulet Fest 2024 Axed During a Performance, Third Day Never Came to Be


Capulet Fest 2024 faced challenges over the weekend. The festival switched venues the night before it began, moving from Thompson Speedway in Thompson, CT – which can hold up to 13,000 attendees – to The Webster in Hartford, CT, with a smaller capacity of 1,200 people and located over 50 miles away from the initial site.

By that time, 20 of the 55 scheduled bands had already pulled out, including Nothing More, Senses Fail, 10 Years, and more. Furthermore, more bands likeIt Dies Today and Upon A Burning Body canceled their sets over the weekend until the festival was eventually shut down on June 29 – the second day of the planned three-day event.

During their performance, LiveKill stated that the festival abruptly ended when security intervened and asked everyone to leave due to alleged non-payment of rent by the organizers.

The Capulet Fest organizers released a statement which was later featured by The PRP, as the festival’s Facebook page was deactivated.

“Sunday is no longer an option. We fought. We faced one obstacle after another. We became a target and were subjected to animosity, even as we worked hard to salvage the event and provide you with an outstanding show. Nobody recognized the sacrifices we made; all they did was pass judgment. We exhausted all efforts. We hope you had a good time. We did our utmost. Thank you to all who attended and had a blast. We hope you enjoyed the meet and greets. We hope you enjoyed the music. Farewell.”

Additionally, the festival’s website simply states: “Despite our best efforts and due to unforeseen circumstances, Capulet Fest concluded on Saturday night with an amazing performance by Skillet.”

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