Capulet Festival 2024 Shrinks Venue Size With Last-Minute Change, 20 Bands Withdraw & Fans Express Frustration


Event planners of Capulet Festival are facing some challenging days. Originally scheduled for June 28 – June 30, the festival was set to take place at Thompson Speedway in Thompson, CT with a 13,000-person capacity and a lineup of 55 performers. However, on June 27, a day before the event, organizers announced a sudden venue move to The Webster in Hartford, CT, which can accommodate only 1,200 people.

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park confirmed the change in venue, stating on their Facebook page that Capulet Festival will no longer take place at their location. They clarified that any further information about the event will come directly from Capulet, emphasizing that they are not associated with the festival or its organizers in any official capacity.

Following the initial announcement in April, a total of 20 bands have withdrawn from the festival, as reported by The PRP.

  • Nothing More
  • Senses Fail
  • 10 Years
  • Cold
  • Saint Asonia
  • Impending Doom
  • Gideon
  • Sleep Theory
  • Until I Wake
  • Life In Your Way
  • Zero 9:36
  • Horizon Theory
  • Every Avenue
  • Makeout
  • Glasslands
  • The Ongoing Concept
  • Lightworker
  • University Drive
  • Oyarsa

To exacerbate the situation, Cowgirlzen Entertainment Publicity, who was handling publicity for the festival, announced their decision to discontinue their involvement with Capulet Festival due to a lack of communication from the organizers. They urged media contacts to reach out to Capulet Entertainment for any further inquiries regarding the event.

Disgruntled fans have expressed their disappointment in the comment sections, feeling misled or deceived. One fan shared their sentiment, stating: “Bands rarely visit CT, and when they do, is this how they are treated? I feel sympathy for the bands and especially the fans who invested money in a festival experience they were promised. Disappointed greatly. If there were any issues, they could have been addressed, the event could have been canceled, and refunds could have been issued well in advance to allow both fans and bands ample time.”

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Nothing More also released a statement regarding the venue change and their experience with the promoters.

“To our fans planning to attend Capulet Festival – Despite our best efforts, we, unfortunately, will not be performing at this event.

“Our band and crew were in Nashville rehearsing when we received the news that the promoter lost access to the venue. While Capulet Festival managed to secure an alternative location for Friday and Saturday, they were unable to do so for Sunday, the day we were scheduled to perform.

“Earlier today, we received a proposed statement from the festival that attempted to deflect their responsibility for the situation and, more concerning, offered no resolution for ticket refunds for individuals who purchased single-day Sunday tickets or VIP Meet & Greet tickets through the Capulet Fest website.

“This approach is unacceptable, and we have lost all respect for their handling of the matter. While we may have incurred significant costs for crew, flights, etc., it pales in comparison to fans losing their hard-earned money spent on tickets for a show, looking forward to enjoying a great time with friends and family.”


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