CHRIS BARNES Discusses The Rising Cost Of Contemporary Touring: "It Has Recently Escalated Significantly"


Amidst substantial merchandise cuts and the escalating expenses in today’s world, embarking on tours could potentially lead to financial ruin for musicians. Even an artist like Chris Barnes, the vocalist of Six Feet Under who has achieved significant success over the years, including with the recent Six Feet Under album Killing For Revenge, is unfortunately experiencing the pressure.

In a conversation with New Noise Magazine, Barnes expressed his gratitude for the fans’ desire to see him on tour, but unfortunately, the situation isn’t becoming any easier.

“Artists have always borne the brunt of challenges because of our passion for this craft,” mentioned Barnes. “We’ve always been exploited, with others reaping the financial rewards while we put in the hard work. It has been a struggle over the years, but recently, it has reached unprecedented levels.

“The price of fuel is exorbitant, combined with the escalating expenses of travel, and only a marginal increase in earnings over the years, it’s not difficult to see the financial strain. Nonetheless, the fans remain single-minded; they demand our presence enthusiastically! I appreciate their enthusiasm, but touring and traveling are becoming increasingly challenging.”

On the brighter side, another fresh Six Feet Under album is already in the works! In all seriousness, Killing For Revenge is only a few months old, and Six Feet Under has another album ready that they penned in late 2023. Stay tuned for its release, hopefully within the next year.

“The next album has already been composed. It was completed around December or maybe even earlier. We had a burst of creativity and didn’t hold back. I’ve already crafted demo lyrics for most songs, and only about three tracks are pending completion. So, there’s definitely more to look forward to.”

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