CLASSIFICATION 7 (Former-ANTHRAX, EMIGRATION, EXAGGERATION, Etc.) Unveils Fresh Track named “Mousetrap”


Categorization 7 – the latest group frontman John Bush (Armored Saint, ex-Anthrax), guitarists Mike Orlando (ex-Adrenaline Mob) and Phil Demmel (Kerry King, ex-Machine Head, ex-Vio-lence), bassist Jack Gibson (Exodus), and drummer Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall, Overkill) – is currently presenting the latest solo “Mousetrap” from their forthcoming eponymous debut album scheduled for release on July 26.

“It’s all about substantial verses and sizeable tunes, and it comprises numerous components we’ve examined in our other bands,” mentioned Orlando.

Bittner supplemented: “I believe the sound of this ensemble essentially boils down to the peculiar bond that binds all of us. We’ve been acquainted with each other for years as friends and colleagues. We’ve all admired each other and acknowledged that someday we would collaborate. It took nearly two decades for that realization to materialize, but behold, when it finally did, there was no halting us.”

Bush expressed: “The melody in this creation felt like an enigmatic escapade to me. I drew influence from The Three Musketeers where a police maneuver was employed to detain someone who visited the domicile of an individual previously arrested. The entire narrative feels akin to a monochromatic film with sequences of ensnarement, interrogation, and a corrupt warden. Even though it seems like something ancient, it also seems like it could be correlated with what transpires in our contemporary legal system. Over and over we revolve.”

Purchases can be made in advance here.

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