CLUTCH Is Putting in Effort On Fresh Content


Great news! Clutch is diligently working on the successor to their 2022 album Sunrise On Slaughter Beach.

As per bass player Dan Maines during a chat with iRock, Clutch has been actively composing new concepts in the recording studio. Maines mentions that Clutch has a repository of 10 raw song concepts, but these will require some refining before they are ready to be finalized.

“We are currently engrossed in intense writing sessions. We have been frequently meeting up, all dedicated to generating fresh content and composing songs for a new album. The process is going smoothly. We convene in the studio and meticulously document every single idea we come up with. If a piece starts to shape into something resembling a verse and chorus and meets everyone’s approval musically, we record those shards of ideas. These recordings are then set aside as we move on to the next creation. All the files are uploaded so that each of us can review them at home.

Neil [Fallon, Clutch vocalist] will carefully analyze them and brainstorm vocal approaches for those segments. We then start connecting the dots. Sometimes he might find compatibility between a recent idea and an older one. If it necessitates tempo or key variations to blend those sections seamlessly, we work on that aspect. But yes, it’s a very natural progression. Currently, I would estimate that we have around 10 solid ideas that could be classified as songs, although they still require further development. Nonetheless, it’s an exciting journey.”

In the interim, make sure to explore the 2023 “complete” edition of Sunrise On Slaughter Beach featuring three additional bonus tracks. It’s fantastic!

Regarding the fresh material, Fallon mentioned in a recent discussion with TotalRock’s Hobo On The Radio that the album is still on track for a late 2025 launch – most probably in the third or fourth quarter.

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“We probably won’t commence recording until next year. Hopefully, the album will see the light of day in the third or fourth quarter of 2025. While it sounds distant, and to some extent it is, time will pass swiftly for us. We plan to collaborate with the Grammy-nominated producer Tom Dalgety once again. He was remarkable. Nonetheless, this doesn’t deter us from performing these new tracks live, which will inevitably become favorites among the audience, potentially overshadowing the recorded versions, but that’s just the natural order.”


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