CONVERGE Working At The Recording Studio


Behold, Converge is currently at the recording studio! Either that or Converge’s percussionist Ben Koller and guitarist Kurt Ballou are performing an incredibly convincing rendition of “Yakety Sax” – but it’s most likely the studio scenario.

Based on tweets by Converge’s drummer Ben Koller earlier this year, the band’s upcoming tracks may be their most remarkable (and potentially diverse) to date.

“A plethora of new Converge material awaits. I liken it to a feast of metalcore classics at a rustic countryside buffet, overflowing with RIFFS,” conveyed Koller. “The soundscape is multifaceted. It encompasses mosh-worthy segments, Fugazi vibes, Mars Volta influences, Entombed nuances, mathcore mayhem, leisurely-paced chords courtesy of Nate where I occasionally get carried away, subpar riffs, emotive riffs… This upcoming album could potentially surpass all its predecessors. Perhaps we ought to discard the subpar riffs, though.”

Koller elaborated in a subsequent reply to a fan’s query about the album’s comparison to No Heroes: “It’s challenging to predict the final result, but one thing is certain – this feels like our most refined, organic, and fully-realized collection of tracks yet. It’s a daunting task to draw parallels with our earlier albums. No Heroes almost seems like a distant memory now.”

With a bit of luck, you might catch a glimpse of their latest creations at the upcoming Metal Injection Festival?

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