CROBOT Unleashes Heavy Fresh Track “Come Down” and Reveals New Album Obsidian


Crobot is making a return, and the initial release from their newly announced record Obsidian suggests a beefier sound than before.

“When we were working on song demos,” guitarist Chris Bishop mentioned about the track, “the music naturally gravitated towards a heavier, darker, more metal direction. ‘Come Down’ is one of our heaviest tracks to date, leaning towards the style of Alice in Chains. Our drummer Dan has roots in that genre, and we embraced that influence, resulting in music that’s significantly heavier compared to our previous albums.”

“The title track ‘Obsidian’ went through multiple transformations,” shared Bishop, “however, it never quite clicked. We decided to seek out Howard Jones, known for his work in Killswitch Engage and currently with Light the Torch. We presented him with the album title Obsidian but without the title track. After reviewing the music, he contributed some fantastic ideas which we incorporated. Brandon added his touch to Howard‘s ideas, and we were delighted to have Howard collaborate with us on that specific track.”

Obsidian represents somewhat of a fresh start for us,” noted Brandon. “The approach we took to writing and recording this album varied, making the whole process rewarding and distinct from our previous endeavors. Challenges and reflections shape us into better individuals, even during darker times. I believe this album symbolizes that transformation for us. It’s truly invigorating.”

“Each track delves into the deeper layers of the mind,” concluded Bishop, “backed by an unrelenting cadence of heavy, throbbing rhythms and soul-stirring guitar solos, providing a raw depiction of inner battles.”

Crobot is set to embark on an extensive tour in promotion of Obsidian, scheduled to release on September 13 via Megaforce Records.

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