DÅÅTH Unveils Video For “Deserving Of The Grave” Featuring JEFF LOOMIS


Dååth has unveiled their new album titled The Deceivers back in May, and now they have released the music video for the song “Deserving Of The Grave”, which showcases an impressive guitar solo by former Arch Enemy guitarist Jeff Loomis.

“The genesis of ‘Deserving of the Grave’ began with a melody that I conceived during a flight back home. Upon landing, I quickly noted down the idea and shared it with Eyal, who beautifully crafted it into a complete track,” revealed Jesse Zuretti, the guitarist and orchestrator of the band.

“What’s truly intriguing is how Eyal grasped the essence of my musical vision, extracting the Danny Elfman/Gothic elements from a single idea and transforming it into a grand masterpiece. Interestingly, Danny Elfman himself composed the iconic theme for Tim Burton’s Batman similarly, while on a flight. This song captures the fusion of dark and cinematic elements that resonate with Eyal and me, merged with the signature Dååth sound. The highlight of the track is the exceptional guitar solo delivered by our friend Jeff Loomis, which in my opinion, is one of the best solos I’ve heard in over a decade.”

The founder and guitarist, Eyal Levi, added: “‘Deserving Of The Grave’ originates from a profoundly dark place. The concept for this track struck Jesse during a flight, where he found inspiration and shared the initial idea with me. Coincidentally, I received this idea in my email on a somber day, following the loss of a dear one. Despite the grim circumstances, I immediately went to work, and what you hear is the product of that emotional turmoil.”

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“I believe this song embodies the darkest essence of the album, creating an authentic vibe. Moreover, it holds a special significance for me because our old pal Jeff Loomis graced us with an outstanding guitar solo that ranks among the best I’ve witnessed. This collaboration has been a long time coming. Interestingly, Jeff and Dååth almost collaborated before the hiatus, which remains one of my greatest letdowns in music. However, the wait was worthwhile as his solo on this track truly stands out.”

Jeff Loomis remarked: “I thoroughly enjoyed recording the solo for ‘Deserving Of The Grave’ on Dååth‘s latest album The Deceivers! Eyal set a dark tone which provided a perfect backdrop for me to craft the solo. Thank you for allowing me to be part of such a musical masterpiece.”

The Deceivers is available for purchase here.


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