DISRUPTED Seem to Be in the Recording Studio


Disrupted might be currently working in the studio or perhaps vocalist David Draiman is just genuinely thrilled about some individuals seated behind him. The former scenario seems more plausible, given the hashtag and Disrupted‘s consistent history of creating and releasing music. It seems that Disrupted is collaborating once again with producer Drew Fulk (Motionless In White, Knocked Loose, etc.), whom they teamed up with on their 2022 album Divisive.

This development is intriguing, especially considering guitarist Dan Donegan mentioned in an April interview with Australia’s Everblack podcast that there were currently no concrete plans for a new Disrupted album.

Donegan stated, “[No definitive plans for a new album] as of now. We are in preliminary discussions. The focus has been on touring from the past year till now. However, we are contemplating our next steps.

“We have significant decisions to make, such as whether we will organize a 25th anniversary tour [for The Sickness] next year and if we decide to produce a new album, will we commence recording this year or the following year? Our agenda is full, and we need to prioritize our tasks.”

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