ELEPHANT TREE Comes Back With Fresh Single, Reissues & New Compilation Album


Elephant Tree is making a comeback and in an impressive manner! Initially, there is the reissue of their 2014 album Theia and their 2020 release Habits, now available in physical versions.

Following that is the compilation album Handful Of Ten which comprises new songs, demos, and b-sides. You can listen to the track “Try” above and place a pre-order for the album – along with the reissues mentioned earlier – here.

“This was essentially a therapeutic exercise in performing something slightly different, composed with an initial nonchalant attitude after a few drinks on a scorching summer’s day,” expressed Elephant Tree guitarist and vocalist Jack Townley on behalf of the band.

“We rarely play faster tunes, let alone find room to include them on albums. The lyrical theme revolves around an individual conforming to try to exemplify a model citizen, hesitant to deviate from the norm due to the possible consequences. He struggles to suppress his alternative views while those around him conform and ultimately, everything comes crashing down, leaving him with a sense of being ‘forever lost’.”

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