EUGENE ROBINSON Quits OXBOW Due to “Unresolvable Disagreements”


Founder Oxbow lead singer Eugene Robinson has departed from the group due to what he has described as “unresolvable differences.” Robinson made this announcement through his newsletter as reported by The PRP. Oxbow has not yet addressed Robinson‘s departure.

“…after three decades of artistic endeavor I can’t imagine anything more distressing than realizing that I am now akin to Dr Dre. Not in the aspect of being a billionaire, but in the sense of him leaving Death Row Records. I recall him being pressed to explain his departure and given the circumstances involving Suge Knight, a man whose violent tendencies could have led to dire consequences had he not been imprisoned, he chose his words carefully.

“He was cautious, yet he did express a sentiment akin to this: have you ever been at a gathering, felt increasingly uneasy, and eventually reached a point where you had to exit? That’s the reason for my departure from Death Row.

“While I don’t perceive a threat to my physical well-being, I do sense, due to insurmountable differences, none of which pertain to aesthetics or music, that I must now part ways with Oxbow. Recent events have plunged me into moments of deep introspection, and though it may seem drastic to sever ties with the entity I helped build, I believe it is necessary for potential reconciliation to occur, enabling me to find solace in being a part of Oxbow once more. If not, then so be it.”

He elaborated: “So here we stand, and here I find myself. For the first time in what seems like an eternity, I am devoid of a sense of direction. I have always envisioned that by introducing Oxbow to wider audiences, I was engaging in what could be perceived as a divine mission. Welcoming the isolated, the oppressed, and more… a community for those without one. Certainly, there have been instances where I’ve resorted to physical altercations at our performances, typically as a response to individuals who found pleasure in assaulting me inappropriately.

“However, the unsettling realization that we may have inadvertently contributed to the world’s suffering makes me queasy.”

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