FORBIDDEN is Set to Make a Strong Return with Their New Album, Departing from Their Debut in 1988


The band Forbidden, consisting of guitarists Craig Locicero and Steve Smyth (former members of Testament and Nevermore respectively), vocalist Norman Skinner, bassist Matt Camacho, and drummer Chris Kontos (formerly of Machine Head and Testament), have been working on their upcoming album, their first release since Omega Wave in 2010.

In an interview with Rock Hard, Locicero mentioned that he has already penned numerous song concepts for the band to collaborate on. Describing the sound of the new material, Locicero hinted that it would blend elements from Forbidden‘s Twisted Into Form album from 1990 and Omega Wave.

While discussing the direction of the new album, Locicero stated, “It will incorporate vintage thrash aspects. I often tell people that the vibe of our current compositions feels like a fusion of Twisted Into Form and Omega Wave, with sprinkles of other influences in between.”

Kontos chimed in, saying, “I’ve noticed a consistent approach in drumming style within the band over the years. There is a unique formula that I aim to uphold. Each drummer has subtly carried forward certain elements, like what Paul [Bostaph] brought to the table on the debut album. I intend to preserve that Forbidden Evil essence while presenting it in a fresh musical context.”

Reflecting humorously, Locicero joked about Forbidden being the breeding ground for talents later seen in leading thrash bands. Indeed, Forbidden has served as a stepping stone for renowned musicians such as Paul Bostaph of Slayer, Tim Calvert of Nevermore, Gene Hoglan of numerous metal bands, and Sasha Horn of Exhorder.

He added, “Every member who has been part of Forbidden has proven themselves to be exceptional. We’re like the nurturing ground for thrash talents in the Bay Area. It’s an honor to be in this position and receive such overwhelming support from our fans each night.”

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