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Alcest – Les Chants De L’Aurore

Genre: Post-black metal/shoegaze
Origin: Bagnols-sur-Cèze, France
Label: Nuclear Blast

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It has been five years since Neige and Winterhalter unveiled an album of shoegaze with blackened nuances. While some shadows linger from the band’s early days, this predominantly constitutes another offering of exquisite ambiance. This stands as a remarkable illustration of musical tension and resolution.

Black Veil Brides – Bleeders

Genre: Alternative/gothic metal
Origin: Cincinnati, Ohio
Label: Spinefarm

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When I compose about the brand-new offerings of the week, I usually do a quick search to uncover any interesting details. Surprisingly, this week I stumbled upon this EP which received a feature in Playbill due to its inspiration from Sweeney Todd. The release comprises three tracks. One being a rendition of “My Friends” from the mentioned musical, then there’s the cover of U2‘s “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” and concluding with a fresh track below. I must say, it mainly appears to be influenced by themes of blood, yet the notion of metal and musical theater intertwining further intrigues me.

Cavalera Conspiracy – Schizophrenia

Genre: Groove metal/thrash
Origin: Phoenix, Arizona
Label: Nuclear Blast

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Just last week, I discussed 96 Bitter Beings taking on some CKY tracks, and it feels peculiar to already have another one of those records, but here we are. This time, Max and Igor Cavalera are delivering a full-length experience to fans.Front for Sepultura‘s Schizophrenia. The dudes embarked on a mission to capture the essence of the original, and I must say, they have done so with added lucidity due to contemporary recording techniques. If the sound of the initial version ever hindered your enjoyment of this album, then this re-recording is tailor-made for you. Jeff seems to have a favorable opinion of it in a review right here.

Kittie – Fire

Genre: Nu/groove metal
Origin: London, Ontario
Label: Sumerian

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Incredible. Brand new Kittie in 2024 after thirteen years, and it’s awesome. This encapsulates all the experiences this band has gone through over the years. You’ll encounter nu metal rhythms, groove metal elements, melodious rock that soars, and more. This return is warmly welcomed, and I anticipate many more in the future.

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Seven Spires – A Fortress Called Home

Genre: Symphonic metal
Origin: Boston, Massachusetts
Label: Frontiers

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After slightly over a decade, it feels like Seven Spires have honed in on what sets them apart as an excellent modern symphonic metal group. On A Fortress Called Home, they straddle the boundaries of power and gothic metal without veering too much into either territory, potentially alienating more laid-back metal fans. They consistently deliver epicness without restraint. Overall, this album showcases the vocal prowess of Adrienne Cowan, who has already carved a niche for herself in Winds Of Plague (along with various guest appearances over the years) but truly shines here.

Sumac – The Healer

Genre: Post-metal/sudgee
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia/Vashon, Washington
Label: Thrill Jockey

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On their initial release of the few announced for this year, Aaron Turner (Old Man Gloom), Brian Cook (Russian Circles), and Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists) are opting for a methodical, extensive, and weighty approach. This album comprises four tracks of crushing sludge that fearlessly delves into the experimental and improvisational realm. While it might be premature to envision these individuals on a lineup with Trey Anastasio, their prolonged sound explorations are perfect for getting lost in.

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  • BangladeviousScavenger (Nefarious Industries) – Electronic
  • Bloodline of CainSpecter (Scarlet Records) – Harmonious death metal
  • Manuscript of DeathStories Of Sorrow (Black Lion Records) – Obscure death metal
  • Framework Of OblivionA Generosity Exchanged In Venom (Transcending Obscurity Records) – Extreme metal
  • Divine VeilLive (Heavy Psych Sounds) – Psychedelic/stoner
  • The Risky SeasonGravity (Rude) – Experimental
  • AbandonedAgainst Entropy (Self-released) – Complex death metal
  • DesperadoesLiquor Runner (El Puerto) – Southern metal/thrash
  • earthtone9Within Resonance Nexus (Candlelight) – Progressive metal
  • Non-native HandsWhat’s Not Said (SharpTone) – Hardcore metal
  • SealBabel (Blue Grape Music) – Hardcore punk
  • Species Order Of GodThree Monarchs (Eclipse Records) – Orchestral death metal
  • Greenleaf InsightsThe Cranium & The Habit (Magnetic Eye Records) – Bold metal
  • Equine CombusterVoice Of Tempests (Blues Funeral Recordings) – Psychedelic metal
  • HyperdontiaYield Of Malice (Dark Descent) – Extreme metal
  • KvaenThe Shapeless Flames (Metal Blade) – Traditional/black metal
  • Lamentable Melodies IncorporatedIncapable Of Sensing It (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) – Psychedelic
  • MarillionSixty Minutes Before It’s Twilight: Live in Port Zélande 2023 (earMusic) – Forward-looking rock
  • ArtworkThe Master (Metal Blade) – Bold metal
  • QaalmDawn’s First Light (Hypaethral Records) – Dark/doom
  • Meeting PointDream Runner (Long Branch Records) – Cutting-edge metal
  • SubstituteThe Center That Can’t Be Grasped (Season Of Mist) – Complex death metal
  • Offspring Of ArakkisVolume Two (Black Throne Productions) – Desert/psych rock
  • The Tale Thus FarI Yearn To Vanish (Pure Noise) – Infectious rock
  • PilferingEverything I’m Worthy Of (Theftuous) – Aggressive metal
  • PricklymoundLive While Traveling (UNFD) – Complex metalcore
  • The ConsumedMEDZ (Big Noise) – Subversive rock
  • Puzzling HexadSolve And Coagulate (Wise Blood Records) – Bewitching rock/horror synth
  • Earnings ConflictStain (Fearless) – Hardcore metal
  • Beyond TemptationWorlds Collide Excursion – Live In Amsterdam (Self-released) – Orchestral metal
  • YRMoondarkness (Hellstain Productions) – Extreme metal
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