Frontman DANI FILTH Confirms New Album by CRADLE OF FILTH Is Ready: “It’s A Powerful And Highly Infectious Record”


CRADLE OF FILTH‘s most recent studio release, Existence Is Futile, hit the shelves in October 2021, showcasing the band’s distinct fusion of extreme metal, gothic, and symphonic elements. While 2021 may feel like a distant memory, lead vocalist DANI FILTH assures fans that a new album is on the horizon. During an interview with Hayley Leggs from TotalRock, FILTH revealed some details about the upcoming album, stating that it is now “completed.

Anticipate a fresh single to be released early in October, coinciding with the band’s tour across Europe. Albeit FILTH hinted at a potential February release for the full album, he admitted uncertainty regarding the exact date: “We shall drop a new single at the commencement of October just before our European tour… So, indeed, a new single leading up to the album release… I plan for the end of February, yet honestly, who knows. I can’t confirm. But roughly around that timeframe.”

The group has been diligently crafting this project since July last year, juggling recording sessions with a packed touring schedule. When grilled about the album’s musical direction last May in an interview with Australia’s Heavy, FILTH was cautious not to reveal too much. However, he did offer a few tantalizing tidbits.

“It’s a progression from our last offering. Similar production quality, and the same producer, although we always approach it with a fresh perspective, resulting in a notably different sound. I can’t delve too deeply into it because no words I say will sufficiently encapsulate or do justice to the tracks within,” FILTH elucidated.

He proceeded to characterize the album as forceful, captivating, and evoking echoes of their iconic Dusk… And Her Embrace era: “It’s challenging to articulate. It encapsulates the essence of Dusk… And Her Embrace. Vocally, it’s an eclectic mix. It’s a potent record. It’s exceedingly engaging. Yes, it’s a creation that will undoubtedly satisfy our fanbase. We’ve poured our hearts into it. And the previous record was well-received, Existence Is Futile. This one progresses from that. However, I’m hindered since I’ve been instructed, ‘Refrain from discussing the record yet’. It’s a real conundrum to dissect something so rich.”

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FILTH also alluded to their collaboration with renowned pop sensation Ed Sheeran, a devoted follower of CRADLE OF FILTH. This unexpected union is expected to feature on a deluxe edition of the upcoming album: “We’ve already completed our collaborative track with Ed Sheeran, which might be included in the special release of the new album, however, I’m unable to divulge further details due to legalities and various formalities.”

Coincidentally, CRADLE OF FILTH guitarist Federoff recently expressed the Dusk And Her Embrace and Midian sentiments of the forthcoming album in an Instagram post: “Absolutely shattered, yet filled with content following the initial day in the studio for the upcoming CRADLE OF FILTH record. I concur completely with DANI‘s assessment that this project exudes a strong Dusk/Midian vibe this time around. These new compositions are invigorating, dynamic, and immersive- I can’t disclose more, except to brace yourselves for a collection of absolute showstoppers. Blimey, as they say on this end of the spectrum.”

CRADLE OF FILTH‘s first live album in over two decades, Trouble And Their Double Lives, was released last year through Napalm Records, featuring two fresh tracks, “She Is A Fire” and “Demon Prince Regent”.


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