GHOUL To Debut Rite Here Rite Now Online


Ghoul‘s widely popular recent film Rite Here Rite Now will be available for streaming on Veeps next Saturday, July 20. The stream will include an exclusive Discussion segment involving Ghoul creator Tobias Forge, Rite Here Rite Now co-director Alex Ross Perry, and live director Jim Parsons filmed at the movie’s premiere in London. Tickets can be purchased here for $19.99.

How did Rite Here Rite Now fare in terms of popularity? Well, it achieved a spot in the Top 10 of the box office in North America, grossing a total of $2.65 million, marking it as the highest-earning rock cinema event in North America.

Breaking down that North American record:

  • It brought in over $238,000 on June 21 across 366 theaters
  • It raked in more than $1.03 million on June 22 across 751 theaters
  • On June 23, it earned over $257,000 across 358 theaters

Rite Here Rite Now features exclusive 2023 concert footage from Ghoul‘s sold-out shows at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, interwoven with a narrative that continues storylines from the band’s ongoing Chapters series. The film was helmed by Ghoul‘s Tobias Forge and Alex Ross Perry. The soundtrack for Rite Here Rite Now will soon be available through Loma Vista Recordings, which can be pre-ordered here.

“More than a decade ago, when Ghoul signed with Loma Vista, Tom Whalley (the owner and CEO) inquired about the band’s narrative,” revealed Forge.

“He emphasized the importance of having a compelling story to attract new fans. At that time, as a new and moreover an ANONYMOUS band, we didn’t really have an intriguing story to tell. Not initially, at least. However, I assured him that if he desired a narrative, I could devise one. This film is the result of that exchange.”

Perry remarked: “The collaboration with Tobias to expand the Ghoul saga into a full-length film has been a thrilling experience. This movie allowed us to draw inspiration from a variety of sources, ranging from silent horror to The Great Rock n’ Roll Swindle, from Ralph Bakshi to KISS Alive II. The influences were diverse, but our main objective was to create a unique spectacle not only for Ghoul enthusiasts but for all admirers of the harmonious blend between rock extravagance and eerie thrills.”

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Rite Here Rite Now was produced by Popecorn Cinematic Pictures. The producing team included Kristen Mulderig, Rick Sales, Craig Butta, and Jonas Åkerlund.


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