ILL NIÑO Fails To Launch Their Fresh EP On Its Planned Release Date, Yet To Confront the Situation


Ill Niño had plans to unveil their latest track “Beast Inside” on June 21, with a brand-new EP IllMortals Vol 1 scheduled for release on June 28. None of these events occurred as intended, leaving fans in a state of perplexity.

A selection of fans have visited the comments section of the Ill Niño Instagram profile, which has been highly engaged in sharing updates about their recent tour alongside Flaw and A Killer’s Confession. Ill Niño drummer Dave Chavarri also made mention of both EPs (IllMortals Vol 1 and the subsequent IllMortals Vol 2, purportedly set for release on July 26) in a post dated July 1, but omitted to explain the cause of the delay and the revised release dates: “Ill Niño is geared up to deliver 2 EPs; IllMortals Volumes 1 & 2, and the new music video ‘Beast Inside’,” shared Chavarri.

There has been no communication from Art Is War Records regarding the delays, despite IllMortals Vol 1 still being available for pre-order on their official website. The Facebook page of Art Is War Records only features a post from May 31 announcing the EP, with no subsequent updates – leading to a barrage of bewildered responses in the comments section.

It’s also important to note that upcoming releases typically appear in an artist’s profile when a single is released on Apple Music, a step that has not taken place yet for Ill Niño. This absence makes it difficult to speculate on a revised release date. At the time of publishing this post, neither Ill Niño nor Art Is War Records has made any official statements addressing the delay or providing updates on the new music.

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