JAMES LOMENZO Confirms MEGADETH Is in the Process of Creating New Music


During a recent conversation with Jorge Botas from Metal Global, Megadeth‘s bassist, James LoMenzo, has revealed some thrilling updates on the band’s current projects. When questioned about their progress on new songs post their 2022 release The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!, LoMenzo affirmed: “We’re actively engaged in creating new music. It’s essentially a new incarnation of Megadeth, which is somewhat unexpected. We have daily discussions with Dave. Dave is very eager to pursue another album and introduce something fresh.”

Reflecting on the previous album, LoMenzo fondly recalled his eagerness to contribute. “When I just came on board, the recording had just wrapped up. I pleaded, I begged, I said, ‘I understand, but could I please handle the bass on this?’ There were certain parts I found truly exceptional. However, they responded saying, ‘We’ve been at this for two years. We need to hit the road. It’s done.’ I accepted it. But Steve DiGiorgio, who played bass on The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead, did a phenomenal job. I really appreciate his style of play.”

LoMenzo also discussed the band’s newest guitarist, Teemu Mäntysaari, who came on board last autumn to replace the long-serving guitarist Kiko Loureiro. “He’s talented. He’s youthful. He’s younger than the rest of us, which keeps us on our toes. Yet, he’s a great asset because he brings a fresh perspective. Dave and I have been on this journey for a while, so having that fresh energy is truly valuable. He’s very focused. I may not match that intensity, but it’s beneficial to have someone to push us older folks and say, ‘Alright, I’ve worked on this. Are we ready?’ It’s like, ‘Oh, we need to focus on this now. Let’s go.'”

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LoMenzo commended Mäntysaari‘s quick adaptation and contribution during a crucial period for the band. “He was a real savior when he joined us at a critical juncture where Kiko, whom I have huge respect for, had to part ways due to personal commitments. I believe it’s the most respectful thing to prioritize personal life. We all have our lives, and sometimes it’s better to manage them correctly. Having been in and out of various bands, I can vouch for the fact that personal issues always linger. When Teemu came in, he was precisely the right fit we needed. We required someone who could seamlessly blend in, and he was incredibly well-prepared.”

He highlighted how Mäntysaari‘s familiarity with modern technology has enriched the band’s creative process. “Just earlier today, we were collaborating on some music. It’s fantastic to sit down with him and dissect things. He introduced me to some new technological tools that have significantly propelled our work forward. He’s well-versed in all these advancements.”

LoMenzo, who initially played with Megadeth in the mid-2000s and returned as a touring member in 2021, was officially reinstated as a permanent member in May 2022.


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