JASON HOOK Underwent a Particularly Unpleasant Period Prior to Departing FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH


Five Finger Death Punch musician Jason Hook refrained from performing during a substantial portion of the band’s European tour in early 2020 due to health concerns, eventually parting ways with the group in October of that same year.

Upon his departure, Hook expressed: “I want to extend a sincere appreciation to all the supporters of Five Finger Death Punch for the numerous messages you’ve sent me concerning you-know-what. I’ve been somewhat restricted from speaking due to certain legal restrictions.”

Recently, in an exclusive interview with Talkin’ Bout Rock, Hook delved into the health troubles that led to his absence from those European shows and the experience was grueling. Hook disclosed that he fell ill due to the strain of his time in Five Finger Death Punch, mentioning that he felt “unaccompanied by anyone who showed genuine concern for me.”

“It was a dreadful experience. Our physical well-being often heeds the instructions of our minds, and I was confronting an immense level of tension during that phase of the situation, which eventually took its toll,” shared Hook. “Considering I adhere to a very healthy lifestyle, the realization that stress could play such a significant role was alarming. It dawned on me that you could succumb in a remote hotel room and that’s the end.”

“I sensed a lack of empathy from those around me. It felt like they were just thinking, ‘Let’s see if he can perform.’ When I couldn’t, stating that I needed immediate medical attention, everyone simply dispersed. That’s fine. However, shortly after, preparations were being made for our European tour to resume, and in that moment… [I thought] ‘I refuse to meet my end like this.’ I’m not being overly dramatic, but I had glimpsed my mortality. Quality of life is paramount.”

In a 2023 conversation with The Mistress Carrie Podcast, Hook clarified that there are no lingering hostilities between himself and Five Finger Death Punch: “There’s no bitterness lingering. There’s no discord. It’s a natural progression. Over time, bonds and dynamics evolve. Success, fame, wealth – they all influence egos, personalities, and roles.”

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Hook continued: “Handling issues in a marital relationship involves resolving them directly with your partner. In a band setting, even if you’re on good terms with one member, the situation could still be tumultuous with another. It might be fine with one, but troublesome with another. Dealing with multiple individuals makes the process much more challenging. It’s akin to managing multiple relationships.”

Hook has since embarked on a new musical project named Flat Black, which includes vocalist Wes Horton, bassist Nick Diltz, and drummer Rob Pierce.


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