JINJER Finishes Latest Album, Broadcasts Live In-Studio Show


Jinjer, the promising headliners of future Metal Injection festivals, have wrapped up work on their forthcoming album! The band shared on their Instagram that the recording phase has been successfully completed, indicating that mixing and mastering will follow shortly.

In an interview with Knotfest’s She’s With The Band, vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk of Jinjer revealed insights about the new record, describing it as a throwback to traditional styles…

“It’s going to be distinctive, primarily because I sense a significant variance in the music. Without revealing the exact number of songs, let’s assume there are 12, possibly even 15, or maybe 13; I’m unsure — but many of them share a common theme,” expressed Shmailyuk. “They’re somewhat interconnected or evoke a familiar sentiment. They form a cohesive group of tracks.

“I’m already envisioning details… Not just the lyrics; I’m contemplating the themes and such, but also the album cover, the music videos, and my stage attire. It exudes a specific aura to me that… conjures sentiments of the 19th century. It resonates with the romanticism of that era. Upon listening, you’ll likely sense that essence. Comparable to how Muse seems influenced by classical composers — unmistakably. Our new music possesses that essence. I’m genuinely thrilled.”

Meanwhile, enjoy Jinjer‘s recent live in-studio performance for Audiotree. Secure your spot at the upcoming Metal Injection festival featuring Jinjer, God Forbid, 3 Inches Of Blood, and more here!

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