KALANDRA Unveils Latest Song "Are You Ready?"


The latest release from the Norwegian alternative folk group Kalandra is the single “Are You Ready” from their upcoming album A Frame of Mind, scheduled for a global launch on September 13 under the label By Norse Music.

“We actively seek to expand our creative horizons, and midway through the creation of this track, we uncovered its narrative essence, akin to a screenplay. The arrangement also exudes a subtly profound tone, adding intricate layers to the overall composition.

“Crafting this piece was an empowering journey, offering us a much-desired outlet after being confined to our studio during the extended winter months. We are eager to present it to you, regardless of where or how you come across it,” expressed the band regarding their latest musical offering.

The album cover art is a creation by the contemporary artist Elen Alien. You can place your pre-orders here.

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