LARS ULRICH Impresses JAMES HETFIELD with Stellar METALLICA Performances


Metallica percussionist Lars Ulrich has often been a target for ridicule in virtual circles poking fun at drum kits. While he has encountered challenges during live performances, any proficient musician should refrain from belittling Lars – he is truly remarkable.

What are Metallica vocalist James Hetfield‘s sentiments regarding Ulrich‘s onstage acts lately? During an exclusive conversation with The Metallica Report, Hetfield heaped nothing but accolades upon Ulrich when asked if he was “delivering some top-notch performances in the past decade, if not two.”

“I must say, during this recent tour, especially in the last couple of years, we’ve been gearing up for this. Undoubtedly. Undoubtedly excelling,” he expressed.

Hetfield elaborated further: “I trust he’s enjoying himself and not letting his instrumental prowess concern him, as he used to be purely led by his emotions. Now, he’s paying more attention to the beat and maintaining consistency. Nonetheless, as a unit, we are all truly excelling. Incredibly cohesive.

“Although it doesn’t daunt me, I don’t mind introducing some chaos. It’s entertaining. Despite our preparation level and belief in our abilities, unexpected events still occur, and that’s beneficial. We don’t strive to be a perfectly synchronized mechanism on stage at all times. Therefore, regardless of our practice or perceived proficiency, there are still happenings that are distinctive.”

In a 2023 feature on The Metallica Report, Hetfield recounted being motivated by the ensembles at the Power Trip festival and disclosed that percussionist Lars Ulrich earnestly began rehearsing with Metallica only around four to five years back.

“A noteworthy fact: Lars had never really rehearsed until — roughly — about four to five years ago when he began embracing rehearsals sincerely,” noted Hetfield. “Presently, he might — I mean, he might engage in rehearsals for four days ahead of a two-hour performance, adhering to what’s necessary, and that’s praiseworthy.

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“Consequently, there were planned rehearsals [for Power Trip] at HQ a couple of days prior. I stated, ‘Guys, I won’t be present. It would be appreciated if we could locate a rehearsal space here [closer to Power Trip], as I’d like to observe all these other musical acts.’ Robert concurred, and we identified a venue at the polo grounds for rehearsals.

“I’m appreciative that Lars was amenable. Therefore, they rehearsed there, followed by our rehearsal session in this vicinity, allowing us to attend these musical acts. It’s genuinely amazing to possess your private enclave at a festival for its entire duration… We arrive, rehearse, then partake in observing Iron Maiden. I mean, how incredible is that?”


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