Latest Drops From WORMED, KRALLICE. Available Now


Krallice – Inorganic Rites

Style: Experimental dark metal
Origin: New York, New York
Label: Self-published

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Following numerous releases last year including two albums and a compilation, the remarkably productive Krallice have swiftly returned with another eerie and unique album. Featuring prominent synthesis, this record still embodies classic elements of dark metal. The immersive experience left me intrigued multiple times throughout the listening journey. A true testament to their artistry.

Octoploid – Beyond The Aeons

Style: Harmonious/innovative death metal
Origin: Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland
Label: Reigning Phoenix

Observe the distinctiveness this week has to offer, I suppose. The second album from Octoploid has captivated me. While embodying melodic death metal characteristics, it sporadically transitions into 70’s progressive elements, highlighting a unique confluence. Noteworthy guest appearances include Mikko from Swallow the Sun, Tomi from Amorphis, Jón from Barren Earth, and many more.

Piah Mater – Under the Shadow of a Foreign Sun

: Latest Drops From WORMED, KRALLICE & More Available Now

Style: Progressive death metal
Origin: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Label: Code666

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Mentioned last week was the newest White Stones record, suggesting it to followers of death metal giants Opeth. That was just a teaser for what awaited listeners on THIS album. The latest release from this duo, after a six-year gap, delves deep into the realms of dark and heavy death metal, almost resembling eerie ghostly tales. They infuse ample atmosphere and melody throughout, even incorporating saxophone played by Shining‘s Jorden Munkeby in one track. Absolutely incredible.

Sumac – The Keeper’s Tongue

: New Releases From WORMED, KRALLICE & More Out Today

Genre: Sludge reinterpretations
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Label: Thrill Jockey

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A couple of weeks back, the upcoming release by Sumac was mentioned following the release of The Healer, and now it’s here. This offering consists of two tracks from the most recent album, remixed by Moor Mother and Raven Chacon. While I’m not well-versed in their works, this collaboration serves as an impressive debut, molding the slow, sludgy tracks into vastly different forms.

Visions Of Atlantis – Pirates II – Armada

: New Releases From WORMED, KRALLICE & More Out Today

Genre: Folk/power metal
Location: Bruck an der Mur, Styria, Austria
Label: Napalm

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Prepare for a fantastical metal journey when the album title is a sequel and features pirates. The latest offering from Visions of Atlantis, the follow-up to 2022’s Pirates, presents symphonic metal at its most majestic, centered around pirate tales. Ahoy!

Wormed – Omegon

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Genre: Technical death metal
Location: Madrid, Spain
Label: Season Of Mist

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This week seems to have had a fair share of prog and pirate themes. For those of you craving ultimate heaviness, this one’s your ticket. From start to end, it unleashes relentless heaviness, featuring low guttural vocals and a brilliantly sharp death metal snare sound. A remarkable comeback after a few years without a full record.

Also released this week…

  • Aeons The Ghosts Of What We Knew (Sliptrick Records) – Progressive metal/metalcore
  • Aposento – No Safe Haven (Xtreem) – Death metal
  • Arx AtrataA Reckoning (Self-released) – Atmospheric black metal
  • metal
  • Dark Star GodUnholy Patterns (Eternal Spew Records) – Extreme metal
  • Veil SistersThe Departure Point (Lasting Vision Records) – Screamo/hardcore punk
  • Rosy_ResponseUrban Sprawl (Artisan Records) – Futuristic/electro
  • The Feared LaramieQueen Echo (Brainpunk) – Alternative rock
  • CombatEarly Morning Encounter (Intense Psych Sounds) – Psychedelic heavy/doom
  • DreadharborNightmarish Shapes (Warrior Path Industries) – Dark death metal
  • Island of The CrossroadsFaustus The Theater (Music Rocks Label) – Modern metal opera
  • Embracing DynamismBoom Reprise (Volcano) – Heavy music/hard rock
  • Cryptic – Devastator (Acoustic Frontiers) – Loud music/speed
  • Threshold Veil Collapsing Visions (Willow Whisper Records) – Shadowy rock
  • Rageicide Chaos in Motion (Individual Release) – Rhythmic metal/speed
  • Unhappiness Human Interaction (Beyond Light) – Ethereal experimental black music
  • IncentivizeAbandonment (Rock Pages) – Aggressive music genre
  • Realm of Darkness – Sacred Demise (Darkness Calls) – Shadowy music style
  • Nocturnal Fear Journey To The Heavens (Independent Release) – Melodic extreme metal
  • Aged Tomb Ivory Grieving Glow (Urban Folk Assembly) – Despairing sound
  • Empire Signal – The Fear Hierarchy (Sovereign Phoenix) – Might/folk rock
  • RebellionDefiant Dominance (Individual Release) – Beat-heavy music/speed
  • Storm Horse – Alive But Not Breathing (Wave) – Dark sound
  • Dream Anatomy Triumph Over Enslavement (Gore House Productions) – Intense loud music/sudden beat
  • Intimate Pain Majestic Mountain (Exceptional Leader Records) – Deathly powerful sound/mighty heavy music
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