Latest Music Drops from FU MANCHU, JULIE CHRISTMAS


96 Bitter Beings – Back To Hellview

Category: Alternative metal
Place of Origin: Los Angeles, California
Label: Nuclear Blast

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Deron Miller (ex-CKY vocalist) makes a comeback with a band resembling his previous group, this time revisiting some classic CKY tunes. The album contains nine tracks reimagined with updated production and a contemporary touch. Tracks such as “Flesh Into Gear,” “Suddenly Tragic,” “Sink into the Underground,” and more. Jeff offers a comprehensive review.

Julie Christmas – Outlandish And Bloody

Latest Music Drops from FU MANCHU, JULIE CHRISTMAS, & More Released Today 4

Category: Experimental/post-metal
Place of Origin: Brooklyn, New York
Label: Red Crk

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One of the most distinctive voices in heavy music makes a long-awaited return with another dose of intense, unrestrained metal. The former-Made Out of Babies lead singer collaborates with Cult of Luna‘s Johannes Persson, KEN Mode‘s Andrew Schneider, and others on an album that will attract fans from all stages of her career. Hopefully, this signals the beginning of a new (and possibly more productive) era.

Crypt Sermon – The Dark Rose

Latest Music Drops from FU MANCHU, JULIE CHRISTMAS, & More Released Today 4

Category: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Place of Origin: Epic doom
Label: Dark Descent

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Looking for some eerie riffs? Search no more than The Dark Rose. Once again, Crypt Sermon delivers a diverse take on the “doom” subgenre, as not all tracks are slow-paced. It hits hard like a sledgehammer, just as weighty as anything from Candlemass.however.

Fu Manchu – The Return Of Tomorrow

New Releases From FU MANCHU, JULIE CHRISTMAS, & More Out Today 4

Genre: Stoner rock
Origin: Orange County, California
Label: At The Dojo

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In case you enjoy the guitar sounds of Crypt Sermon but crave a more light-hearted vibe, then Fu Manchu is the place to be. This album provides a delightful experience with a lot of confident charm. They’re not trying to revolutionize the fuzzy sound they previously had, but why would you desire that?

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Squid Pisser Dreams Of Puke

New Releases From FU MANCHU, JULIE CHRISTMAS, & More Out Today 4

Genre: Avant-garde metal
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Label: SKiN GRAFT Records

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Gaze at that artwork and prepare yourself. The remarkably productive – and peculiarly productive (does that make sense?) Squid Pisser have come back with another chilling trip. The tracks are concise, harsh, and unforeseeable.

Ulcerate – Cutting The Throat Of God

New Releases From FU MANCHU, JULIE CHRISTMAS, & More Out Today 4

Genre: Technical death/avant-garde metal
Origin: Auckland, New Zealand
Label: Debemur Morti

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Even though not as unsettling as the masked insane individuals in the previous section, this record offers its own darker descent into some of the most insane death metal available. The unique fusion of melodious segments and disharmony is fairly constant, but the song formations are widely varied. Another commendable addition to an already commendable collection.

Also releasing this week…

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  • Apes Pentinence (Secret Swarm Records) Black metal/grindcore
  • Black Country Communion – V (Self-released) Hard rock
  • Cadaverous Condition Never Arrive, Never Return (The Circle Music) Death metal/folk
  • Camerata Mediolanense Atalanta Fugiens (Auerbach Tonträger) Dark wave
  • Dendera Mask Of Lies (Rockshots Records) Melodic modern metal
  • Downfall Of Mankind – Purgatory (Seek And Strike) Symphonic death metal
  • Drought – Drought EP (Iodine) Post-hardcore/screamo
  • The Early November – The Early November (Pure Noise) Pop punk
  • Eivør – ENN (Season Of Mist) Dark synthpop
  • Embryonic Autopsy – Origins Of The Deformed (Massacre) Death metal
  • Fellwarden Legend: Forged in Defiance (Eisenwald) Atmospheric black metal
  • Flagman Tastes Incredible (Grubis Records) Alternative metal
  • Fórn The Departure of Consciousness (Persistent Vision Records) Funeral sludge
  • Golgotha Spreading The Wings Of Hope (Ardua Music) Melodic death metal/doom
  • Human Zoo Echoes Beyond (Fastball-Music) Heavy metal/hard rock
  • Impact Approved Way Of The Warrior (Wormholedeath Records) Melodic death metal
  • Lucifer’s Hammer Be and Exist (Dying Victims Productions) Heavy metal
  • Malignancy …Discontinued (Willowtip Records) Technical death metal
  • Mono Oath (Pelagic Records) Post-metal
  • Mythologik Blood In The Sky (Bonespill Recordings) Melodic death metal/thrash
  • Onlap Waves (AFM Records) Hard rock
  • Paradise In Flames Blindness (Xaninho Discos/Demoncratic Records) Black metal
  • Axel Rudi Pell – Risen Symbol (Steamhammer/SPV) Rock
  • Perchta D’Muata (Prophecy Productions) Folk/black metal
  • Plague To Pyres Erase Your Light Lost Sessions (Omyac Records) Black metal
  • Questing Beast Birth (Self-released) Progressive metal
  • The Red Scare Smoky Mountain High (Solid Brass Records) Hardcore
  • Rezn Burden (Sargent House) Psychedelic doom/sludge
  • RivetSkull Absence Of Time (Self-released) Heavy metal
  • Shotgun Mistress Kings Of The Revolution (Self-released) Rock
  • Sibiir Undergang (Fysisk Format Records) Hardcore
  • Stand Still Steps Ascending (DAZE) Melodic hardcore
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