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Bad Omens – Concrete Jungle [The OST]

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From BAD OMENS, FOUR STROKE BARON & More Out Today 5/31

Genre: Metalcore/alternative metal
Origin: Richmond, Virigina
Label: Sumerian

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Impressive. If you appreciate Bad Omens, you’re in for an extravagant treat. This collection comprises twenty-six tracks, incorporating fresh content, live performances, and more, spanning pop, metalcore, and beyond. Numerous notable collaborations are present including Wargasm, Poppy, Health, Erra, Thousand Below, and many others.

Four Stroke Baron – Data Diamond

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From BAD OMENS, FOUR STROKE BARON & More Out Today 5/31

Genre: Progressive metal
Origin: Reno, Nevada
Label: Prosthetic

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The unconventional progressive enthusiasts from Reno return with another enigmatic album that defies simple categorization. Laden with profound grooves, infectious tunes, distinctive vocals, and a tapestry of sonic eccentricities, this record is akin to the latest release from the band Ou.

Nightrage Remains Of A Dead World

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From BAD OMENS, FOUR STROKE BARON & More Out Today 5/31

Genre: Melodic death metal
Origin: Gothenburg, Västra Götaland, Sweden
Label: Despotz Records

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Let’s not forget some classic metal, shall we? Here is the latest offering from Nightrage, delivering the perfect blend of captivating heaviness reminiscent of bands like Arch Enemy or Dark Tranquility. Loyal fans might need some time to adjust as this marks their first release with the new vocalist Konstantinos Togas.

Rhapsody Of Fire – Challenge The Wind

Category: Force/symphonic metal
Origin: Trieste, Italy
Label: AFM

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After more than three decades in the industry, you may anticipate the quality of a Rhapsody of Fire album. It entails the epic and intellectual force metal that can stimulate you. Additionally, if you desire some history, be prepared as this marks the final installment in The Nephilim’s Empire Saga trilogy. As a casual supporter, I’m uncertain of its significance, but I do appreciate a good backstory.

Thou – Umbilical

The Weekly Injection: New Music Releases From BAD OMENS, FOUR STROKE BARON & More Available Now May 31st

Category: Sludge
Origin: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Label: Sacred Bobes

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Wow. I’m typically covering Thou when they team up, so I overlooked their individual sound. Their first solo release in six years is a thick, aggressive, beastly album. It’s shadowy and unbelievably heavy.

Wormwood – The Star

The Weekly Injection: New Music Releases From BAD OMENS, FOUR STROKE BARON & More Available Now May 31st

Category: Harmonious dark metal
Origin: Stockholm, Sweden
Label: Black Lodge

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Closing with a vibrant and powerful album. It features some folksy elements, slow rhythms, and plenty of powerful beats and catchy guitar melodies. The concluding track is quite exceptional.

Also releasing this week…

  • Adverse Isolation with Eternal (Dark Descent Records) Black/death metal
  • Anti-saoule Polar Inertia (Exile On Mainstream) Post-punk
  • Arhat Ancient Deities’ Secrets(Self-released) Groove metal
  • Daft Neuros – Still Uneasy (Lowly) Rock
  • Illegitimate Crazed Symphony (Self-released) Thrash/hard rock
  • Conquered By Life Awakening Past Death (Mas-Kina Recordings) Advanced/grindcore
  • Bonebreaker Unholy Collapse (Unique Leader Records) Elegant deathcore
  • Candlestick Three-tune Enigmas (Peaceville Records) Catastrophe
  • Carnivorous Lotus Blossom (Darkest Records) Mud/doom
  • Cleft Hoof The Heathen Sign (High Roller Records) Hefty/power metal
  • Chieftain’s Armageddon (Relapse) Ambient
  • Dune Years of the Slave (Self-released) Rhythm metal/thrash
  • Beastly Eden (Wormholedeath Records) Progressive rocker
  • Fables through Life Stiff Notes (Gramophone Records) Weighty metal
  • Battle To Battle Shaher of Eras (Indie Recordings) Passing death metal
  • Gray-wave Motioning In The Waste (Church Road Records) Diverse
  • Hell $layer Infernal Fighter (Metal Blade) Shadowy metal
  • Desert Queen – Sundance Reader (Magnetic Eye) Scrubbery stone
  • Hope Trick-Law Toys Of Power/Ruling By Trickery (Deathwish) Unkindness
  • Fastened Trails – Ruby Zone (The Twist Work/Code 7 Distribution) Progressive steel
  • Praised Abyss Louvad Abyss (Half Beast Records) Darkness rock
  • Downcast – Terrified (Spinefarm) Weighty stone
  • Richard McKagan Kindness: Survival In Los Angeles (Blood Meridian) Rock
  • Simon – Victim dissenter (Napalm) Dandy stone
  • Faultless Firmament Chasing Monsters (WTF Records) Brutal
  • Reliable – Hopeful Tomorrow (Nuclear Blast) Hardcor pop
  • Ruinous Perception Melody Of Humor (Seek And Strike) Elegant deathcore
  • Preserving Evil Fine Times, Dull Sights (Preserving Evil) Majestic core
  • Salted Pig – Salted Pig (Heavy Reverberation Sounds) Catastrophe
  • Shattered Glass – Drenched In Drive (Candlelight) Wild
  • Super-Model Taxidermy For What End (Punishment 18 Forms) Wild/crossing
  • Marsh Demon Donation of Trouble, Mourning In Blood of Humanity (Translation Waste Records) Black/death metal
  • Severe Hemorrhoid The Reverse (Shun Records) Melodic passing metal
  • Alleyway Perdition Spheres (Rockshots Records) Hefty metal
  • Withered Blaze – Sounds From The Forgotten (Deathwave) Force/progressive metal
  • Youthful Dirt – Assassination at Maple Hills (Majestic Mountain Records) Unrefined
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