Bossk – .4

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From UNLEASH THE ARCHERS, KNOCKED LOOSE & More Out Today 5/10

Genre: Ethereal sludge
Origin: Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom
Label: Deathwish

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To kickstart this week, let’s dive into some atmospheric weightiness. This one caters to the dedicated Bossk enthusiast. It incorporates re-interpretations of hidden gems and possibly “reimagined” (restructured?) renditions of classics by their associates. While this stands out as an unorthodox offering from the band, it presents an intriguing gateway to their sound.

God Mother Sinneseld

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From UNLEASH THE ARCHERS, KNOCKED LOOSE & More Out Today 5/10

Genre: Calculated dissonance
Origin: Stockholm, Sweden
Label: Self-published

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This EP clocks in at roughly seven minutes of relentless pandemonium. It encapsulates the insanity of Better Lovers with the stoner rock essence of a Baroness. An audacious blend making this release from God Mother as untamed as ever.

Knocked Loose – You Won’t Depart Until the Right Time

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From UNLEASH THE ARCHERS, KNOCKED LOOSE & More Out Today 5/10

Genre: Metalcore/aggressive punk
Origin: Oldham County, Kentucky
Label: Pure Noise

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Let’s continue the auditory assault. Knocked Loose deliver another intense album. Surprisingly, it features guest appearances from Poppy and Chris Motionless (Motionless In White). Nevertheless, these additions do not overshadow the sheer aggression present in this record.

Like Moths To Flames – The Endless Struggle Of Coping

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From UNLEASH THE ARCHERS, KNOCKED LOOSE & More Out Today 5/10

Genre: Metalcore/post-hardcore
Origin: Columbus, Ohio
Label: UNFD

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Coming up next is the fresh release from Like Moths To Flames, displaying a significant change in their musical direction. Since their previous complete album four years ago, the band has undergone considerable transformations. If you enjoyed their last EP Pure Like Porcelain, you will surely appreciate this, as it serves as a glimpse into their current musical style.

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Anette Olzon – Rapture

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From UNLEASH THE ARCHERS, KNOCKED LOOSE & More Out Today 5/10

Genre: Symphonic metal/rock
Origin: Katrineholm, Sweden –
Label: Frontiers

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In Rapture, Anette Olzon delivers exactly what you would expect from an album with such cover artwork. This is a commanding, grandiose metal album that will get your adrenaline pumping. There are also occasional moments of melodic death metal scattered throughout.

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – Nell Ora Blu

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From UNLEASH THE ARCHERS, KNOCKED LOOSE & More Out Today 5/10

Genre: Stoner/psychedelic rock
Origin: Cambridge, England
Label: Rise Above

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If you’re a fan of Uncle Acid, get ready for a deluge of tracks from the band. This album consists of nineteen experimental garage rock tracks with abundant riffs, presented as a homage to 70s Italian cinema. It’s not the conventional way for a band to return after a six-year absence, but Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats are anything but ordinary. Lauren has a review here.

Unleash The Archers – Phantoma

Category: Power/melodic death metal
Origin: British Columbia, Canada
Label: Napalm

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To wrap up this week, we have one of the top-notch bands in modern metal. Once again, they are exploring both the power and sci-fi metal spheres. This release is sure to get your adrenaline flowing; it might even ignite a desire to explore the vast expanse of the galaxy or beyond. Jordan offers an in-depth analysis here.

Also hitting the shelves this week…

  • Sebastian Bach – Child Within The Man (Reigning Phoenix) Hard rock/glam
  • Bad Beat – L.P. 2024 (Triple B Records) Hardcore
  • Baxaxaxa Spells From The Crypt (Dusktone) Black metal
  • Beautiful Skeletons Temperance (Wormholedeath) Alternative metal
  • Belushi Speed Ball Stellkira (Self-released) Thrash
  • Big Special – Postindustrial Hometown Blues (So) Experimental rock
  • Borer Bag Seeker (Landmine Records) Sludge/stoner
  • Caldwell Caldwell (Rise Above/Pop Claw) Psychedelic pop/rock
  • Crownshift – Crownshift (Nuclear Blast) Melodic death/power metal
  • Darkness Everywhere Eternal Damnation (Creator-Destructor Records) Melodic death metal
  • Demersal Demersal (Self-released) Hardcore/screamp
  • Dødsferd – Wrath (Hypnotic Dirge) Black metal
  • Downcross White Tower (Cavum Atrum Rex) Black metal
  • El Moono The Waking Sun (Lockjaw Records) Alternative/post-metal
  • Freedom Call – Silver Romance (Steamhammer/SPV) Power metal
  • Handheld – Live At 25 (Thousand Islands) Punk
  • The Hazytones Wild Fever (Black Throne Productions) Stoner/heavy metal
  • Hot Water Music Vows (Equal Vision Records) Punk/post-hardcore
  • Illusion of Fate Portals to Kur (self-released) Atmospheric/blackened death etal
  • Ivanhoe – Healed By The Sun (Massacre) Progressive metal
  • Just One Fix Submit Or Death (Self-released) Thrash
  • LanzerRath/Shroud Of Despondency Nebular Collapse: The Dissolution Of Order And Meaning (Northern Spire Productions) Black metal
  • Luna Pythonissam Ecos del miedo (V.C.H. Music) Depressive black metal
  • Lÿnx Claws Out (Bullzhorn Records) Hard rock
  • Machiavellian God Beyond The Void (Vicisolum Productions) Melodic death metal
  • Mandoki Soulmates – A Memory Of Our Future (InsideOut) Progressive rock
  • Oathswan For Those Who Breathe From Darkness (Self-released) Progressive metalcore/post-metal
  • Necrophagia – Moribundis Grim (Time To Kill) Death metal
  • Paradox Rift Ensnared (Self-released) Groove/death metal
  • Powerman 5000 – Abandon Ship (Cleopatra) Nu/industrial metal
  • Primitive Warfare Extinction Protocol (Stygian Black Hand/Godz Ov War Production) Black/death metal
  • Red Rot Borders Of Mania (Hammerheart Records) Experimental death metal
  • Sadistic Force Iron Rite (Goat Throne Records) Black/speed metal
  • Sarcoughagus Remnants (Rotted Life Records) Death metal
  • Six Feet Under – Killing For Revenge (Metal Blade) Death metal
  • Somnent Severed Ties (Self-released) Death metal/doom
  • The Sonic Dawn Phantom (Heavy Psych Sounds) Hard rock/stoner
  • Sonic Universe – It Is What It Is (earMusic) Hard/progressive rock
  • Stretch Arm Strong – The Revealing EP (Iodine) Melodic hardcore
  • Syk – eartHFlesh (Season Of Mist) Progressive black/death metal
  • Smoke AxD Vaya Con Dios (Casa De Roc) Stoner/hardcore
  • Svneatr – Never Return (Prosthetic) Progressive black metal
  • Take Offense T.O.tality (MNRK Heavy) Crossover/thrash
  • The Tangent To Follow Polaris (InsideOut) Progressive rock
  • The Treatment – Wake Up The Neighbourhood (Frontiers) Hard rock
  • Vaticinal Rites Cascading Memories Of Immortality (Everlasting Spew Records)
  • Vestindien Verdande (Dark Essence Records) Death metal
  • Warlord – Free Spirit Soar (High Roller) Heavy metal
  • Waste In Bloom (Seek And Strike) Deathcore


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