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Bruce Dickinson – The Mandrake Project

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From BRUCE DICKINSON, MINISTRY & More Out Today 3/1

Genre: Heavy metal
Origin: Workshop, Nottinghamshire, England
Label: BMG

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Upon deeper reflection, it’s not unexpected that it’s been close to two decades since Bruce released his last solo album. The majority of that time, Iron Maiden has been touring, he battled tongue cancer, published a memoir, embarked on spoken word tours, and likely engaged in numerous other activities I’ve overlooked. True to his solo style, this record stands apart from Maiden. It’s more intense and daring in certain aspects compared to the Eddie crew, serving as a canvas for Dickinson to exhibit his prowess. For an in-depth review, consult Jordan‘s detailed analysis here.

Firewind – Stand United

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From BRUCE DICKINSON, MINISTRY & More Out Today 3/1

Genre: Power metal
Origin: Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece
Label: AFM

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Transitioning to a new chapter, it’s time for fresh tunes by Firewind. Stand United marks another grand entry in Gus G‘s arsenal of guitar wizardry. Naturally, the entire band doesn’t disappoint. With vocals by Herbie Langhans, you’ll be ready for any challenge.

Ministry – Hopiumforthemasses

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From BRUCE DICKINSON, MINISTRY & More Out Today 3/1

Style: Industrial
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Recording Company: Nuclear Blast

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Al Jourgensen returns with yet another forceful and socially conscious industrial album. This time he’s discussing about oil, lower-class individuals, and more. Supposedly, this marks the second to last album from the group, so savor the exhilaration of fresh Ministry while it lasts… until there’s a revival. But considering Al’s age of 65, maybe not? Jeff provides a detailed analysis here.

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New Years Day – Half Black Heart

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From BRUCE DICKINSON, MINISTRY & More Out Today 3/1

Style: Alternative metal/hard rock
Location: Anaheim, California
Recording Company: The Century Family

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Renowned for their performances at U.S. summer hard rock/metal festivals, New Years Day has at long last released their first album in five years. During this hiatus, three previous members have rejoined the group, bringing back some of the band’s older essence. Maintaining their anthemic, high-energy, and extremely catchy sound.

Volcandra – The Way Of Ancients

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From BRUCE DICKINSON, MINISTRY & More Out Today 3/1

Style: Melodic death metal/black metal
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Recording Company: Prosthetic

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I adore it when something is impressively heavy, yet also possesses a quirky element. In this release, you will find high-fantasy inspired metal that delivers powerful beats but also includes moments of upbeat rhythms. Imagine Skeletonwitch or The Black Dahlia Murder paying tribute to Middle Earth.

Zakk Sabbath – Doomed Forever Forever Doomed

Category: Black Sabbath interpretations…Wydle-ified
Location: Los Angeles, California
Company: Magnetic Eye

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To conclude this week with the subsequent section (actually two sections) in Zakk Wylde‘s Black Sabbath tribute anthology. This instance sees him, Blasko, and Joey Castillo tackling the entirety of Paranoid AND Master of Reality. You can anticipate “War Pigs,” “Iron Man,” “Sweet Leaf,” “Into The Void,” and many more coupled with Wylde‘s exceptional guitar techniques. Hoping that he delves into all the initial Ozzy-era volumes. I believe he would deliver a remarkable rendition of “You Won’t Change Me” from Technical Ecstasy.

Further releases this week…

  • Alienist – Love/Hate EP (UNFD) – Deathcore
  • Azell Death Control (Rottweiler Records) – Doom
  • Beyrevra – Echoes: Vanished Lore Of Fire (Trollzorn) – Melodic death/black metal
  • Big Big Train – The Likes Of Us (InsideOut) – Progressive rock
  • Blind Channel – Exit Emotions (Century Media) – Nu metal/”violent pop”
  • Clarion Void Failure In Repetition (Lost Future Records) – Black metal/sludge
  • Clouds Taste Satanic – 79 A.E. (Majestic Mountain) – Doom
  • Contracult The Process (Art Is War Records) – Gothic metal
  • Defocus – There Is A Place For Me On Earth (Arising Empire) – Metalcore/djent
  • Devastator – Conjurers Of Cruelty (Listenable) – Black metal/thrash
  • Fall Of Leviathan In Waves (Vitruve Records) – Post rock
  • Fathomless RitualHymns For The Lesser Gods (Transcending Obscurity Records) – Death metal
  • Hands Of GoroHands Of Goro (BSP Records) – Heavy metal/”scumbag rock”
  • Hellgrimm Sacrifice (Self-released) – Hard rock/heavy metal
  • Kontravoid Detachment (Artoffact Records) – Synthwave/dark pop
  • Mannequin Pussy – I Got Heaven (Epitaph) – Punk/indie rock
  • Marble Ghosts – Marble Ghosts (Self-released) – Grunge/hard rock
  • Messiah Christus Hypercubus (High Roller Records) – Death metal/thrash
  • Metro Society The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898 (Self-released) – Progressive rock
  • Nachtfalter Abschied (Self-released) – Gothic metal/rock
  • Negative Prayer – Self // Wound (Chaos) – Crust/death metal
  • …remaining items truncated for brevity…


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