The Aristocrats – Duck

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From IHSAHN, THE ARISTOCRATS & More Out Today 2/16

Music Style: Instrumental progressive rock/fusion
Origin: Global
Record Label: Boing!

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One of Earth’s mightiest virtuoso trios has returned to astound you with their musical prowess once more. Expect lots of impressive playing and experimentation from Guthrie Govan (ex-Steven Wilson), Bryan Beller (Dethklok, Steve Vai), Marco Minnemann (ex-Joe Satriani, ex-Steven Wilson). Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable experience which is not always the case for this type of fusion, geek rock creations.

Bokassa – All Out Of Dreams

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From IHSAHN, THE ARISTOCRATS & More Out Today 2/16

Music Style: Stoner/hardcore
Origin: Oslo, Norway
Record Label: Indie Recordings

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This album takes you on a diverse musical journey. It serves as a foundation of stoner rock, but within its thirty-minute duration, you will experience sludge, hard rock, hardcore, and more. This is a treat for fans of Kvelertak.

Farsot – Life Promises Death

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From IHSAHN, THE ARISTOCRATS & More Out Today 2/16

Music Style: Black metal
Origin: Gotha, Thuringia, Germany
Record Label: Lupus Lounge

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On their first release in seven years, Farsot delivers the gloomy essence they are known for, executed with excellence. While encompassing all the trademark elements of their genre, the album also features mesmerizing moments with a touch of a doom ambiance. A remarkable creation that justifies the anticipation.

Ihsahn – Ihsahn

Category: Progressive/blackened metal
Place of Origin: Notodden, Norway
Record Label: Candelight

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Ihsahn simply refuses to decelerate. This marks his primary complete album in six years, yet during that period he delivered three EPs and toured with Emperor. This could possibly be his most monumental solo presentation so far. So monumental in reality that he is also unveiling an orchestral rendering of it. Jeff provides a thorough critique here.

Samael – Passage – Live

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From IHSAHN, THE ARISTOCRATS & More Out Today 2/16

Category: Industrial black metal
Place of Origin: Sion, Switzerland
Record Label: Napalm

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The title succinctly suggests what to anticipate with this offering. This Samael performance of their 1996 Passage album played live in its entirety. They benefit from modern recording technology to enhance its grandeur compared to before, with the live enthusiasm giving it extra vigor. A necessity for enthusiasts.

Witchorious – Witchorious

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From IHSAHN, THE ARISTOCRATS & More Out Today 2/16

Category: Doom/hard rock
Place of Origin: Paris, France
Record Label: Argonauta Records

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Wrapping up this week’s journey with some eerie riffs that will set your head in motion. Witchorious are anything but a one-speed (interpretation: slow) doom band. There is an abundance of energy and tonal dynamics here. Perhaps this is a suitable alternative if the usual lower speed of the subgenre doesn’t resonate with you.

Also releasing this week…

  • Acrid DeathAbominable Presence Of Blight (Rising Nemesis Records) – Death metal
  • Barren Womb Chemical Tardigrade (Fucking North Pole Records/Blues For The Red Sun) – Noise rock/”dark Americana”
  • BloomMaybe In Another Life (Pure Noise/Greyscale) – Metalcore/modern metal
  • CercenatoryGoreSphere (Comatose) – Brutal death metal
  • ColtreTo Watch With Hands… To Touch With Eyes (Dying Victims) – Heavy metal/NWOBHM
  • Crazy Lixx Two Shots At Glory (Frontiers) – Rock
  • Darkspace-II (Season Of Mist) – Atmospheric black metal
  • The Drowns Blacked Out (Pirates Press) – Punk
  • DurbinScreaming Steel (Frontiers) – Heavy metal
  • Elettra Storm Powerlords (Scarlet) – Power metal
  • Eternal Storm A Giant Bound to Fall (Transcending Obscurity) – Melodic/progressive death metal
  • Far Beyond The End Of My Road (Prosthetic) – Extreme/melodic death
    • Heavy
    • Forfeit Thee Untrue Gather The Broken (Rottweiler Records) – Modern/nu heavy
    • Laura Jane Grace – Hole In My Head (Polyvinyl) – Rock/punk
    • GriffonDe Republica (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Porductions) – Dark heavy
    • Steve Hackett – The Circus And The Nightwhale (InsideOut) – Progressive rock
    • Honeymoon Suite – Alive (Frontiers) – Melodic rock
    • i Häxa – Part 1 (Pelagic Records) – Experimental/post-heavy
    • Illumishade – Another Side Of You (Napalm) -Modern heavy
    • In Autumn What’s Done Is Done (My Kingdom Music) – Post heavy/doom
    • K’mono – Mind Out Of Mind (Apollon) – Progressive rock
    • LeahThe Glory And The Fallen (Ex Cathedra Records) – Fantasy/folk heavy
    • Mr. Bison – Echoes From The Universe (Heavy Psych Sounds) – Psychedelic heavy
    • Naga Siren Sea Of Myself (Self-released) – Hardcore/punk
    • No Relief Destroy Your World (Rest Assured Records) – Hardcore
    • The Obsessed – Gilded Sorrow (Ripple) – Heavy/doom
    • Pestilength – Solar Clorex (Debemur Morti) – Dark heavy/doom
    • Ponte Del Diavolo – Fire Blades From The Tomb (Season Of Mist) – Doom/darkwave
    • Praise The Plague – Suffocating In The Current Of Time (Lifeforce) – Blackened doom/sludge
    • Profiler – A Digital Nowhere (SharpTone) – Nu heavy/metalcore
    • The Requiem – A Cure To Poison The World (Fearless) – Gothic rock/emo
    • Einar Solberg – The Congregation Acoustic (InsideOut) – Progressive
    • A Somerset Parade Carcosa (Wormholedeath) – Industrial/metalcore
    • SujinSave Our Souls (Scarlet Records) – Melodic death heavy/metalcore
    • Sun of NothingMaze (Venerate Industries) – Blackened sludge
    • SundrifterAn Earlier Time (Small Stone Recordings) – Desert/stoner rock
    • Thy Shining Curse Theurgia (ViciSolum Productions) – Symphonic death heavy
    • Toxikull – Under The Southern Light (Dying Victims) – Heavy/metal thrash
    • UKCComing Out – Love & Hate Diaries (Theogonia Records) – Dark heavy
    • VanirEpitome (Mighty Music) – Melodic death heavy
    • VolucrineETNA (Volucrine) Melodic death/progressive heavy
    • Rick Wakeman – Live At The London Palladium 2023 (Cherry Red) – Progressive rock
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