LOSTPROPHETS' IAN WATKINS Allegedly Attacked in 2023 Over Drug Disagreement, Invests in Security & Companionship


Former Lostprophets singer and current individual of low esteem Ian Watkins is presently serving a 35-year sentence for some of the most abhorrent acts involving minors. Initially jailed in 2013, Watkins found himself in precarious circumstances in 2023 following an altercation resulting in physical harm.

The Mirror has recently published a piece regarding the incident, stating that Watkins was injured by a “sharpened toilet brush” allegedly due to a dispute over a £900 narcotics debt. It was clarified by the publication that while the attack was severe, it was not as life-threatening as initially believed.

Authors Jonathan Levi and Emma French, collaborators on the book Wakefield Prison: Life Behind Bars in the Monster Mansion, shedding light on the environment within HMP Wakefield where Watkins is incarcerated, mentioned, “He is despised by many, however, within the diversified population of HMP W including violent prisoners, high-profile criminals, drug traffickers, and organized crime syndicates, he simply provides remuneration for his safety.”

“He has expended significant funds on ensuring his protection. The recent assault serves as a stark reminder of his ongoing obligation. Following an exchange involving a compound valued at £150 within the prison economy, Watkins was demanded to pay £900 due to his identity. Under the influence, he contested the demand, culminating in him being injured with a makeshift weapon constructed from a toilet brush.”

The disturbing details of Watkins‘ appalling history include pleading guilty to 13 offenses related to child exploitation, encompassing attempted sexual assault and abuse of a child under 13, multiple accounts of sexual misconduct with minors, possession of child pornography, and ownership of an explicit bestiality image.

In a prior incident in the year 2019, Watkins attracted attention when he incurred additional penalties due to the discovery of a concealed mobile device within his body. A source relayed to The Mirror that Watkins had compensated an individual to utilize the device, resulting in substantial financial losses following its confiscation.

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“He had arranged a financial deal with a member of a Liverpool gang for phone usage, leading to a financial penalty of £5,000 after being caught using the device illicitly, despite having initially paid £1,000 for its access. This account is factual; I personally know the individual involved in lending the device to Watkins. Currently, he is situated within C wing at the HMP W facility.”

“Engaging in educational pursuits as part of his prison routine, he procures his security measures. The recent assault he endured was linked to a drug-related financial liability. His notoriety stems from his despicable actions involving the abuse of infants, leading him to purchase security services.”


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