MASSIVE DECEASED, SKITSYSTEM, FRIDAG DEN 13:E & More Contribute To Anti-Suicide Benefit Compilation


Suicide Records will launch their latest In The Loving Memory of You / Time Will Heal compilation on September 10. The compilation aims to support Suicide Zero Swedish non-profit organization committed to creating a society without suicides since 2013. In The Loving Memory of You / Time Will Heal includes a myriad of artists such as Skitsystem, who will be releasing their initial new track in an astounding 18 years by participating in this album!

In The Loving Memory of You / Time Will Heal comprises:

  1. Grand Cadaver – “Long Lost Light”
  2. Fredag den 13:e – “Änglamakerskan”
  3. The Moth Gatherer – “Black Lung”
  4. Knivad – “Isen förlamar”
  5. M:40 – “Tyngdlös”
  6. Skitsystem – “Evig vinter”
  7. Downfall of Gaia – “Concrete Cemeteries.”
  8. Demonic Death Judge – “Poisoner”
  9. Division of Laura Lee – “Vanishing Act”
  10. Firebreather – “Last Train”
  11. Fabian Brusk Jahn – “Perciption of the past”
  12. Besvärjelsen – “Velvet Sky”
  13. Novarupta – “Mosaic”
  14. Ulmus – “Silenci”
  15. Guhts – “Burn My Body”
  16. Rainbird – “Going Down”

Be sure to check out pre-orders here.

“Every six hours, someone commits suicide in Sweden,” stated Suicide Records regarding the compilation. “That amounts to four individuals taking their own lives daily, not including drug overdoses or accidents. Consequently, in response to this alarming statistic, the Gothenburg-based label Suicide Records will unveil the compilation album In the Loving Memory of You on September 10.

“The album features 16 bands with fresh songs, and all profits from this album are allocated to Suicide Zero, a Swedish non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating suicides since 2013. Apart from the bands, various collaborators and sponsors have assisted in financing the undertaking to ensure that the maximum sum can be channeled directly to Suicide Zero. Spearheading this initiative is Suicide Records founder Roger Andersson, who has faced his own struggles with substance abuse and mental health problems.”

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