MIKE PORTNOY Commends ELOY CASAGRANDE, Teasingly Labels Him “The Runner-Up Drummer For SLIPKNOT”


During a recent chat with Brazilian interviewers Marcelo Vieira and Mateus Ribeiro, the esteemed drummer from Dream Theater, Mike Portnoy, expressed his views on the latest member to join the ranks of Slipknot on drums. When asked about Eloy Casagrande‘s suitability for the position, Portnoy responded with a blend of wit and admiration.

“Definitely. Eloy truly… Actually, not quite. The optimal drum player for Slipknot would have been my offspring Max Portnoy,” he chuckled. “However, the second most exceptional percussionist for Slipknot, next to Max, is certainly Eloy.”

The seasoned drummer proceeded to laud the skills of Casagrande, highlighting both his technical proficiency and his energetic style of performance. Portnoy underscored the significance of individuality in drumming, hinting that it often surpasses technical prowess.

Eloy, he’s a seamless match, a flawless selection. He exhibits tremendous technique, but beyond technique, he performs with great spirit and courage, along with his distinct personality. Sometimes, in my opinion, that is far more crucial than technical prowess. However, in his scenario, he possesses both. He has the full package. And I’m extremely pleased for him.”

Portnoy also conveyed contentment regarding the recent drumming alterations in the realm of metal, such as Greyson Nekrutman joining Sepultura and Jay Weinberg transitioning to Suicidal Tendencies. He portrayed these shifts as constructing a “flawless metal trio,” applauding the talents of all three involved drummers.

“And I’m also delighted for Greyson who assumed his position in Sepultura, as he’s another contemporary drummer I hold in high regard. Thus, the triad formed by Sepultura, Slipknot, and Suicidal Tendencies, with (former Slipknot drummer) Jay Weinberg heading to Suicidal, entwines together perfectly. In my opinion, all three of those drummers are exceptional, and they’ve each landed remarkable opportunities.”

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Unless you’ve been oblivious for the past couple of years, Portnoy‘s son, Max, drums for Tallah and has been fulfilling drumming duties for Code Orange on tour since 2021. He previously served as the drummer for the now-defunct band Next To None.

A musical chairs scenario played out within the drumming realm in late 2023. Casagrande departed from Sepultura after 13 years to become the official drummer for Slipknot on April 30th. Sepultura then filled the vacant spot with Greyson Nekrutman, who had just joined Suicidal Tendencies. In an unexpected twist, Suicidal Tendencies subsequently replaced Nekrutman with the ousted former Slipknot drummer, Jay Weinberg.


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