MIKE PORTNOY Regarding Latest DREAM THEATER: "It Absolutely Reminisces Classic DREAM THEATER"


During a recent chat with Brazil’s Marcelo Vieira and Matheus Ribeiro, renowned Dream Theater’s percussionist Mike Portnoy provided more details on the band’s eagerly awaited 16th studio record. In response to whether the fresh album follows the path of their 2009 release Black Clouds & Silver Linings or explores novel realms, Portnoy gave an intriguing answer.

“Speaking candidly, I believe it continues where Black Clouds left off, to be frank. There’s a particular essence when the quintet collaborates on compositions. If you observe the album with this lineup from 1999, Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory, up to 2009’s Black Clouds & Silver Linings, if you trace that series of five or six albums, that encapsulates the sound and approach of these five individuals. Therefore, I reckon that is a solid indication of what the novel Dream Theater album will sound like. It unquestionably echoes the classic essence of Dream Theater.”

Black Clouds & Silver Linings marked the band’s 10th studio album, unleashed on June 23, 2009. It garnered praise for its fusion of technical skill, emotive depth, and coherent narrative, cementing Dream Theater‘s standing as forerunners in the progressive metal sphere. It also served as the final album to showcase Portnoy on drums, an era that will conclude with the impending album’s arrival.

In a conversation with The Prog Report a few weeks back, Portnoy delved into the album’s recording process and the band’s traditionalist approach to it: “It’s a lengthy journey. It has been a while since I devoted this much time to crafting an album, as usually, NMB [Neal Morse Band] or Flying Colors or similar ventures involve getting together, engrossed in the writing and tracking, with everyone contributing from their abodes. However, with Dream Theater, it’s still traditional, having the entire band in the studio throughout the process. Nobody is working independently at their homes. We undergo the process collectively, stepping in one by one to collaborate and record.”

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“So, yes, it’s a more time-consuming process compared to what I have experienced in a while. Nonetheless, it’s rewarding… It mirrors the traditional method. This is how I have always shaped records with Dream Theater. It’s been a while since I embraced that process, but it is gratifying. This process enhances the intricacies. In those other bands and projects, everyone typically operates individually at their convenience and place. Yet, this approach generates a cohesive band dynamic.”


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