MINISTRY Is Currently Collaborating With PAUL BARKER on Their Final Album


Ministry is preparing for what seems to be their final composition, and with a familiar collaborator!

As per the latest update on the band’s social media, Al Jourgensen fulfilled his promise and the upcoming album will signify a reunion with versatile musician Paul Barker – a key individual in Ministry‘s journey, who contributed to the band from 1986 to 2003, featuring on various releases from The Land Of Rape And Honey to Animositisomina.

In a recent conversation with Rolling Stone, Jourgensen hinted at the artistic synergy between himself and Barker, portraying their joint effort as the defining core of Ministry, a captivating amalgamation of musical styles.

“I recently heard some of Paul‘s concepts. The current direction of Ministry leans towards arena rock — it’s raw and straightforward — while Barker veers towards a more celestial sound, echoing a Brian Eno-esque vibe. The fusion of these two approaches is what defines Ministry.’ What I was exposed to the other day was truly remarkable.”

Jourgensen also expressed in the same discussion his hope to have concluded by now, but unfortunately COVID disrupted his plans.

“I’m now 65. My initial aim was to retire at 65, but two years of Covid have postponed that. So I’ll continue for a couple more years, and then it’s curtains. Touring is no longer appealing. It becomes more challenging as you age, and I’m not keen on the whole casino circuit.

“My only interest lies in scoring for films. I get to operate from home, which suits me well. Therefore, I’m striving to tie up all loose ends neatly, confront all challenges, and bid adieu to Ministry.”

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