MTV News Content Archived, Paramount Did Not Discard All of It

Date: went offline towards the end of June, erasing almost two decades worth of content and news pieces. In May 2023, Paramount Global shut down MTV News, resulting in the removal of both its digital presence and on-screen programming by the media conglomerate.

The internet community expressed disappointment over the loss of music archives, but there are now two positive developments! Firstly, the Internet Archive has released a searchable index of old MTV News articles on their Wayback Machine platform; and Secondly, Paramount is reportedly exploring options to preserve all the content.

“In the midst of general website alterations at Paramount, we have introduced more concise versions of our platforms. Consequently, all MTV News material is being safeguarded in an archive,” a spokesperson from Paramount stated.

Thus, it seems that the music history is only in a transient state. Hopefully, Paramount recognizes the significance of keeping all the old MTV News pieces accessible online and decides to make their archive public.

MTV News commenced in the late ’80s with Kurt Loder and The Week In Rock. In 1992, MTV News delved into political reporting through their “Choose or Lose” segment and maintained a robust digital presence in the ’00s. In 2017, MTV News faced a significant setback with the shift to video format (a phrase no employee wants to hear), leading to the dismissal of most editorial staff.

After 36 years on the air, MTV News ceased its operations in May 2023, along with the takedown of their website.

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