Music Star JOJO SIWA Seems To Have Copied TOOL’s Design


Rising star JoJo Siwa launched a brief merchandise line for her upcoming EP Guilty Pleasure, which appears to have heavily imitated Tool.

Images of Siwa‘s gear related to construction have circulated on Reddit and Twitter, with widespread consensus that she copied Tool‘s famous phallic wrench emblem. The resemblance is striking – not only does it resemble a phallus, but Siwa‘s design closely mimics Tool‘s. Additionally, the lettering down the shaft mirrors Tool‘s style.

The real mystery here, similar to a rapper who blatantly borrowed Eddie from Iron Maiden, is why Siwa (or someone in her team) would decide to plagiarize from one of the most prominent metal bands globally. I mean, seriously, Tool was influential enough to surpass Taylor Swift on the charts with their release of Fear Inoculum. The group has an immense fanbase, and it’s unlikely that this would go unnoticed.

Anyway, it’s been a peculiar day, with this incident and news about the Kelce siblings apparently being fans of Sanguisugabogg.

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