The latest albums from UMBRA VITAE, APOCALYPTICA, and more are now available. Take a look at the details below:

APOCALYPTICA – Plays Metallica Vol. 2

Genre: Cello Metallica covers
Origin: Helsinki, Finland
Label: Throwdown

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This new release by APOCALYPTICA features cover versions of Metallica songs such as “One,” “The Four Horseman,” and “The Unforgiven II.” Special guests on the album include ex-Leather Charm vocalist James Hetfield, Infectious Grooves bassist Robert Trujillo, and a tribute to the late Cliff Burton on “The Call Of Ktulu.”

Dysrhythmia – Coffin Of Conviction

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From UMBRA VITAE, APOCALYPTICA & More Out Today 6/7

Genre: Progressive/math metal
Origin: New York City, New York
Label: Nightfloat Recordings

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The ninth album from Dysrhythmia, titled “Coffin Of Conviction,” continues their tradition of intricate instrumental compositions that challenge conventional musical structures.

Evergrey – Theories Of Emptiness

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From UMBRA VITAE, APOCALYPTICA & More Out Today 6/7

Genre: Progressive/power metal
Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden
Label: Napalm

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Evergrey’s fourteenth album, “Theories Of Emptiness,” is an epic musical journey filled with powerful melodies and intricate compositions. The album features new drummer Simen Sandnes (Temic) and a guest appearance by Jonas Renkse of Katatonia.


Hippotraktor Stasis

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From UMBRA VITAE, APOCALYPTICA & More Out Today 6/7

Genre: Post-rock/experimental
Origin: Mechelen, Belgium
Label: Pelagic Records

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First up, we have the debut album from Hippotraktor that could potentially elevate them to new heights. Their unique take on the post-rock genre with a hint of progression brings a refreshing twist. This one is highly recommended for enthusiasts of the ponderously heavy sound complemented by elements of suspense.

Huntsmen – The Dry Land

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From UMBRA VITAE, APOCALYPTICA & More Out Today 6/7

Genre: Sludge/metal
Origin: Chicago, Illinois
Label: Prosthetic

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This second record is bound to launch the band into wider recognition. Their innovative approach to heavy and slow subgenres brings a unique edge. Evocative cues are intertwined with triple vocal harmonies layered over immense metal sounds.

Umbra Vitae – Light Of Death

The Weekly Injection: New Releases From UMBRA VITAE, APOCALYPTICA & More Out Today 6/7

Genre: Death metal
Origin: Boson, Massachusetts
Label: Deathwish

Available on Bandcamp

Closing this installment with the sophomore release of a supergroup. Following a four-year hiatus, Jacob Bannon (Converge), Sean Martin (Twitching Tongues), Mike McKenzie (The Red Chord), Jon Rice (Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats/The Red Chord), and Greg Weeks (The Red Chord) return, showcasing their prowess in death metal. Prepare for a chunky, brutal death metal experience. Read Max’s review here.

Also coming this week…

  • Ad Patres Unbreathable (Non Serviam Records) Death metal
  • AxamentA Spires (Self-released) Progressive metal
  • Between The Killings – The Killing Quartet Vol. 2: Omnipotence (Comatose Music) Brutal death metal
  • Brazen Tongue Of Crackling Embers & Sorrows Drowned (Self-released) Melodic death metal/thrash
  • Blynd Unbeliever (Pitch Black Records) Heavy metal/thrash
  • Bon Jovi – Forever (Island) Rock/glam
  • Candy – It’s Inside You (Relapse) Hardcore
  • Cruce Signatus Cruce Signatus (Cruce Signatus) Cruce Signatus
  • Darko Starfire (Self-released) Experimental deathcore
  • Deathwish The Fourth Horseman (Beer City Records) Thrash/hardcore
  • Devil Moon Risen Fissures Of Men (DMR Recordings) Punk/desert rock
  • Dislimn Esmee
    • Octopus Ascending Hard Rock/Doom
    • Drip-Fed Sold For Parts (I.Corrupt.Records/Head2Wall Records) – Under the genre Hardcore/Punk
    • DvrkInfinite Reminiscence – EP released under Season Of Mist in the genres Deathcore/NU Metal
    • Enter ShikariDancing On The Frontline – Released under SO falls into the category of Metalcore
    • Fool The Masses presents It’s All Lost (Dr. Music Records) combining Industrial/Metalcore elements
    • From A Nightmare shares Doom State in the realms of Metalcore/Groove Metal
    • Grand Demise Of Civilization brings us The Blaze Of Abaddon courtesy of Ordovician Records in the Black Metal genre
    • Grand Slam released Wheel Of Fortune under Silver Lining exploring the realms of Hard Rock
    • Richard Henshall reveals Mu Vol. 1 in the Jazz Rock spectrum, self-released
    • Hide And Shine presents Soft Machines in the Rock/Americana domain, self-released
    • Holy Mother introduces Rise released under Massacre, showcasing Heavy/Power Metal fusion
    • Holycide shares Towards Idiocracy via Xtreem Music in the world of Thrash
    • The Hu performed The Hu Live at Glastonbury released under Better Noise blending elements of Folk/Heavy Metal
    • Insect Ark brings Raw Blood Singing under Debemur Morti, diving deep into Avant-Garde Metal
    • Intranced showcases Muerte Y Metal under High Roller Records in the realm of Heavy Metal
    • Issa delivers us Another World through Frontiers with a touch of Melodic Rock
    • Loverboy presented Live In ’82 by earMusic shines in the Rock domain
    • Missing Link tempts us with Watch Me Bleed via Triple B, encapsulating the essence of Hardcore
    • Mythraeum takes us on a journey with Oblivion Aeternam via M-Theory in the Black Metal landscape
    • Nightmare blesses us with Encrypted released under AFM, delving into Heavy/Power Metal territory
    • Noroth unveils Sacrificial Solace through Carbonized Records, exploring the depths of Death Metal
    • Odio Deus ignites with Spiritual Syphilis released by Wormholedeath in the world of Black Metal
    • Okular delivers Regenerate through Regenerative Productions, showcasing the essence of Death Metal
    • The Omnific introduces us to The Law of Augmenting Returns under Wild Thing Records in the realm of Progressive Metal
    • Ordalie explores Indifferent Universe with Paragon Records in the Ambient Black Metal genre
    • Porcupine lays out All Is Vapor under New Mortality Zine blending elements of Hardcore/Punk
    • Psychic Graveyard unfolds Wilting under Artoffact Records exploring the world of Psychedelic Rock
    • Rarity blesses us with Lower Feeling released by New Damage Records, adding a twist of Post-Hardcore/Pop-Punk
    • Rendezvous Point creates Dream Chaser released under Long Branch showcasing a blend of Melodic/Progressive Metal
    • Sect reveals Plagues Upon Plagues released under Southern Lord, bringing forth the essence of Metalcore
    • Severe Torture unleashes Torn From The Jaws Of Death through Season of Mist, exploring the realms of Death Metal
    • Swelling Repulsion introduces us to Fatally Misguided released through Transcending Obscurity Records, blending elements of Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
    • Titan immerses us in Forced Worship through OMYAC Records, combining elements of Death Metal/Thrash
    • Vomit The Soul shares Massive Incineration by Unique Leader Records delving into the depths of Brutal Death Metal
    • Withering Surface takes us on a journey with Exit Plan under Mighty Music showcasing the essence of Melodic Death Metal
    • WyndRider presents Revival under Electric Valley Records combining elements of Stoner/Doom
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