NILE Performed at Hellfest with a Trio Due to KARL SANDERS’ Serious Illness


Nile‘s lead vocalist Karl Sanders was absent for the first time in 19 years at Hellfest 2024 due to falling severely ill after the Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium and being hospitalized since then.

Nile took the stage at Hellfest as a three-member band, with only George Kollias on drums, Zach Jeter on guitar and vocals, and Dan Vadim Von on bass and vocals. We wish Sanders a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing Nile back in their usual four-piece lineup… although, the trio’s performance was outstanding based on the snippet in the video below!

“I’m devastated to announce that I fell critically ill after Graspop and have been receiving emergency treatment this week in Belgium. Consequently, I will not be able to join Nile for their set at Hellfest.

“This is the first instance in 19 years where I’ve had to skip a show due to illness, and it pains me deeply to disappoint all of you.

“Throughout my lengthy tenure with Nile, I’ve powered through performances despite broken bones, neck and back injuries, hand and wrist issues, and a myriad of tour-induced flus and infections. If there was any means for me to make it to Hellfest, I assure you I’d be there to partake in the metal festivities. Sadly, it’s unfeasible this time.

“Nonetheless, in the spirit of metal resilience, my Nile bandmates — George, Dan, and Zach — will grace the stage as a trio. I urge you to show them your unwavering support as they courageously deliver the music that defines Nile>. Your fervor and vitality will play a pivotal role in crafting an unforgettable experience for all. I will be delighted to witness videos of epic moshing and iconic Nile chants at Hellfest from my sickbed!

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“Thank you for your understanding and backing. I’m grateful for each one of you, and I’ll reunite with the lads on tour in September.”

Jeter shared post-performance: “Hellfest 2024 will be etched in our memories. Unfortunately, our dear Karl couldn’t join us on stage due to health concerns. Despite missing him dearly, the show had to go on. Together with George Kollias and Dan Vadim Von, we slayed the set as a trio!

“To the amazing Hellfest audience, you were exceptional and made the experience worthwhile. We’ll reunite with Karl in September for ‘The Underworld’ tour in Europe, see you all there!”


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