OCEANS OF SLUMBER Reveal Video For Latest Track “Poem Of Ecstasy” and Declare Upcoming Album


Oceans of Slumber have officially presented their forthcoming record Where Gods Fear to Speak, along with releasing a live video for the second single, “Poem of Ecstasy.”

The song showcases the band’s characteristic dark and cinematic flair, weaving together many remarkable moments, giving it the essence of a short epic tale. The track features eerie vocals and a graceful piano introduction, transitioning into a blend of doom-laden power metal, eventually culminating in aggressive death growls and intense beats, creating a unique “dystopian grindcore” vibe.

Drummer and primary songwriter Dobber Beverly describes Where Gods Fear to Speak as a mix of The Handmaid’s Tale, The Dark Tower, and Cormac McCarthy. “It’s a blend of science fiction, a touch of western gunslinging, and a heavy dose of post-apocalyptic survival.”

“With each new album, you believe it’s the greatest,” Dobber continues, “but ‘Poem of Ecstasy’ undoubtedly stands out as one of our most exceptional compositions. It exudes the energy of a fiercely passionate band, with cryptic narratives and enchanting elements.”

“All the tracks on Where Gods Fear to Speak are set within this futuristic, desolate realm, where the impoverished class rises against their authoritarian rulers,” states lead vocalist Cammie Beverly. “Yet, ‘Poem of Ecstasy’ represents the album’s unapologetically bold love ballad.”

When crafting the lyrics, Cammie drew inspiration from Blade Runner and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. “At times, we get so fixated on chasing our dreams that we overlook the people we strive for,” she reflects. “How can you save the world if you can’t even save yourself?”

“I believe Cammie is the most outstanding vocalist in America without question, yet despite her exceptional talent, if we struggle to break through, it underscores the need for us to work even harder!” Dobber adds. “We are aware of our caliber and the music’s quality, but success isn’t always guaranteed, and the new record portrays that reality. It’s forceful, it’s impassioned, yet it narrates a tale. The concluding track, ‘Impermanence Of Fate,’ embodies this notion. It signifies that your flaws aren’t fatal, and you can adapt and overcome setbacks. Thus, much of this record serves as anthems of resilience.”

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Pre-order Where Gods Fear to Speak here.


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