PHIL DEMMEL Mentions KERRY KING’s Fierce Reputation Is Unwarranted: “He’s A Kind Guy”


During a recent segment on the Talk Louder podcast, Phil Demmel shared some reflections on his collaborative partnership with Slayer‘s guitarist Kerry King, in relation to Kerry King‘s upcoming solo record.

Opposing the common perception, Kerry King is not just a tough individual but rather someone with a definite purpose and a straightforward way of communicating.

“One thing I can say about Kerry is that he’s always upfront about where he stands and what he thinks. He definitely has his own agenda, but there’s no beating around the bush with the message he wants to convey, and there’s no elaborate setups to…” he expressed.

Demmel emphasized Kerry King‘s genuineness, debunking the idea that he is solely a harsh or indifferent person. Instead, he depicted Kerry King as a genuine individual who speaks frankly but acts with integrity and clarity.

Kerry King often gets labeled as a tough guy or a rude person. But that’s not true. He’s actually a kind person.” Demmel added. “He’s also empathetic and caring. He’s straightforward and honest. He doesn’t beat around the bush. He just says, ‘I don’t like that,’ or ‘I can’t do this because,’ and it’s direct and to the point. I wish people would recognize this about others. He’s not being a jerk… well, perhaps he might come off that way, but that’s not his intention. He’s just straightforward, saying ‘I’m not messing around. I won’t deceive you.'”

Kerry King‘s new project features vocalist Mark Osegueda from Death Angel, drummer Paul Bostaph from former Slayer, guitarist Phil Demmel from former Vio-Lence and Machine Head, and bassist Kyle Sanders from former Hellyeah

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Kerry King will unveil the album named From Hell I Rise, produced by Josh Wilbur, on May 17 via Reigning Phoenix Music, and you can place your pre-order here.


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