Prohibited has parted ways with guitarist Steve Smyth, who was part of the band from 2009 to 2012 and then from 2023 onwards. The band has now enlisted Dan Mongrain from Voivod, which is a remarkable exchange – both musicians are outstanding.

Prohibited now consists of guitarists Craig Locicero and Mongrain, vocalist Norman Skinner, bassist Matt Camacho, and drummer Chris Kontos (formerly of Machine Head and Testament) – and they are currently working on their first album since Omega Wave in 2010.

As per Locicero in an interview with Rock Hard, he has penned down numerous song ideas for the band to collaborate on. Speaking about the new material, Locicero mentioned that it will blend the styles of Prohibited‘s 1990 album Twisted Into Form and Omega Wave.

“Expect a mix of old-school thrash elements. The recent compositions resonate a fusion of Twisted Into Form and Omega Wave with subtle hints of other influences.

“When people ask, ‘What about [Prohibited‘s debut in 1988] Forbidden Evil?’ I can compare it to Judas Priest not revisiting Rocka Rolla. The first album brings a distinct vibe. Although we’ll incorporate its essence, I must say that the dominant essence will resonate with Twisted Into Form, as it represents a more refined version.”

Kontos further stated: “I’ve observed that every drummer who has been part of the band adheres to a certain pattern. There’s a unique approach that I aim to maintain. Each drummer contributed something special.

“There’s a distinctive quality that Paul [Bostaph] brought in the first album, and each subsequent drummer has retained that essence, consciously or otherwise. I intend to preserve that essence of Forbidden Evil, albeit within a different musical context. Each drummer has added their unique touch. I find it fascinating how each one, including Mark [Hernandez], Gene [Hoglan], and even Sasha [Horn], has contributed.”

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Locicero humorously remarked that Prohibited has essentially served as the training ground for prominent thrash bands. The band has seen notable members like drummer Paul Bostaph of Slayer, guitarist Tim Calvert from Nevermore, renowned drummer Gene Hoglan from several bands, and Sasha Horn from Exhorder.

“Every past member of Prohibited has excelled in their craft. We’re akin to the minor league team of Bay Area thrash. It was a prerequisite to be a part of Prohibited before reaching the big leagues. The journey to this point is surreal. We are immensely grateful for the positive reception from our audience. We don’t take it for granted.”

“I’m amazed by the overwhelming applause and the warm reception we receive every night. It’s genuine and heartwarming. We value every moment.”


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