Review of Album: ALCEST Les chants de l'aurore


The latest release from the masters of atmosphere Alcest is a great choice for a leisurely drive during sunset, with its fluctuating and luminous melodies. Les chants de l’aurore is profoundly inspiring and elevating. Embracing the essence of shoe-gaze music, the resonant, multi-layered guitars paired with a rich and melodious bass create a sonic depth that perfectly complements the dreamy ambiance of Les chants de l’aurore.

The tracks “Komorebi” and “L’Envol” captivate listeners with their luminous brilliance and ethereal dignity. These songs resonate with a positive energy that hits you deep, akin to a freefall from the sky. The soaring vocals carry the sensation of flight directly to your core. “Flamme Jumelle” also evokes a similar feeling, utilizing repetition to stir emotions and immerse you in the intensity of the music.  

“Améthyste” deviates from the Cloudkicker-esque style of the initial tracks, introducing a sense of longing and a darker tone to the album. Painted with screams and black metal riffs, this song stands out among the rest, culminating in an intense finale where Alcest fully showcase their artistry. “L’Enfant da la Lune” continues the wave of sincerity, reintroducing black metal drums and guitar to infuse the track with a palpable energy. Combined with harmonized, clear “ahhs,” the song fluctuates in emotional intensity, showcasing a mix of introspective instrumentation. With another emotive conclusion, Alcest aims to touch your soul.

Alcest is renowned for beautifying the somber, and Les chants de l’aurore is no different. In reality, they may be delving even deeper into this concept with Les chants de l’aurore. The album offers a seamless, enchanting listening experience. As the sun sets and darkness encroaches, the track “L’Adieu” prepares you for the gentle transition from the day’s energy to the coolness of the evening. A tender and poignant piece, Alcest finely captures the essence of the day’s end in the album’s conclusion. One could almost consider this album a conceptual journey, akin to that post-movie credits feeling, as if a tale has been narrated and Les chants de l’aurore serves as the epilogue, resolution, or moral to be gleaned.

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Les chants de l’aurore is a triumph, showcasing that Alcest continues to raise their own bar. The duo possesses a talent for crafting music that captivates, drawing you in deeper as the album unfolds. Les chants de l’aurore is a pure, unrestrained expression of the soul, unapologetically evoking heartfelt emotions at just the right intervals. Another triumph for Alcest, Les chants de l’aurore could easily find its place on the list of best albums for 2024.


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