Review of the Album: DEICIDE Banished By Sin


Over the past ten years, Deicide has consistently followed a similar path with its music. The contemporary sound of Deicide is robust, powerful, and undeniably impactful. In my examination of their record from 2018, I talked about how the band’s discography can be divided into two distinct styles: the sharp and scooped approach of their early hits, and the more blunt force of their recent works. The newest album, Banished By Sin, firmly fits into the latter category. While some chord progressions and riff structures echo the style of Legion, the overall essence aligns more closely with In the Minds of Evil.

Although there aren’t many startling revelations here, there are moments that stand out as surprising. The raw quality on tracks like “From Unknown Heights You Shall Fall” and “Faithless” brings a thrashier feel to the forefront. While death metal has roots in thrash, this specific style seems more pronounced on these tracks compared to the band’s previous works. Fans loyal to Deicide will find satisfaction in songs like “Doomed To Die” and the anthemic “Sever The Tongue.”

However, the true highlights emerge later in the album. Two tracks, in particular, showcase exceptional songwriting. Firstly, “Woke From God” presents a mesmerizing sequence of interlocking riffs that drive the sonic journey forward. The dynamic interplay between Glenn’s fierce vocals and Steve Asheim’s relentless drumming creates a devastating impact. This is exactly what one anticipates from a contemporary Deicide release.

The same sentiment applies to the overpowering intensity of “A Trinity Of None.” The track itself is straightforward, featuring guitar arrangements and drum patterns that could span the band’s entire career. Yet, everything harmonizes so flawlessly that it feels rejuvenated. The synergy between the guitars and Glenn‘s vocal delivery is crucial in making it a catchy and immersive piece.

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Outside of these standout moments, Banished By Sin stands as a strong addition to Deicide‘s repertoire. The title track incites vigorous moshing. “Bury The Cross…With Your Christ” alongside its quirky music video might raise eyebrows among the few still easily shocked. “Ritual Defied” showcases exceptional guitar precision, while “I Am I…A Curse Of Death” unleashes relentless death metal fury.

One aspect that significantly enhances this album is the production quality. As per Glenn Benton:

“You lose everything once you compress,” mentions Benton. “You compress everything during recording, then you compress it more while mixing, and finally, when mastering, you compress the heck out of it. I didn’t want to lose the essence this time. Josh Wilbur did a remarkable job preserving my vision—exactly as intended. I’m extremely pleased with the production.”

I couldn’t agree more! Although the album cover style isn’t to my liking, I admire Glenn‘s uncompromising approach towards it. He does things his way. As long as Deicide keeps releasing albums of such caliber, it’s worth exploring whatever they offer.


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