Review of the Album: UNCLE ACID AND THE DEADBEATS Nell’Ora Blu


Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats return with a renewed energy and – get ready for it – even better than before. After 15 remarkable years in the industry, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats have unveiled what I dare say is their masterpiece. The band from Cambridgeshire has always been recognized for their dark and subversive sound in the metal scene. However, they have elevated their distinctiveness to a whole new level in their latest album, ready to immerse you in the most original and thematic experience of the year so far.

The opening track, “Il Sole Sorge Sempre”, sets the tone for the album. It transports my mind to the ambiance and visuals of a classic Dario Argento movie. This song serves as the ideal hazy, atmospheric soundtrack to a vintage arthouse thriller from the late 70s or early 80s. I can almost visualize the slightly grainy shots, vibrant lighting, and suspense building as the protagonist delves into a surreal and perilous world.

As Nell’Ora Blu unfolds, you find yourself being carried away to another realm. The album provides a complete aesthetic, evoking sensations of a bygone era in a distant land. It proceeds at a deliberate pace, unafraid to incorporate traditional instruments and soundscapes that transport you far from the present day. Nell’Ora Blu exudes a touch of brilliance. It is meticulously crafted and purposeful. Subtle modern influences give it a unique sound, establishing Nell’Ora Blu as a creation only Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats could conceive.

When crafting reviews, I always contemplate how an album might resonate with longtime fans of a band and the impressions it may leave on new listeners. For existing fans, this album will undoubtedly resonate deeply. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats are evolving towards their ultimate form. It strays from the heavy, garage rock vibes of past releases (with Blood Lust remaining my favorite album by them thus far).

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The artistic direction of Nell’Ora Blu is exceptional, delving heavily into the unique elements that have defined them in the past – notably, their penchant for occult influences. For newcomers, be prepared to be astounded that an album like this has emerged in 2024. If you’re seeking intense, face-melting metal, look elsewhere. This album is a testament to focused and dedicated artistry. To metal enthusiasts, I trust you’ll appreciate this vastly different and unconventional offering.

“Il Tesoro Di Sardegna” (translated as “The Treasure of Sardinia”) feels like a serenade – a morning melody played just for you. I can sense the warmth of the early sun on my skin, lost in my thoughts while savoring a cup of coffee. It features exquisite moments of gently meandering tunes – at times, incorporating what appears to be a saxophone – allowing your mind to wander freely. The ethereal “la la la’s” solidify its dreamy, semi-conscious nature, reminiscent of the psychedelic era of the 1960s.

Further delving into the limbo between consciousness and slumber is the eponymous track “Nell’Ora Blu”, or “The Blue Hour”. The entire album beautifully encapsulates this concept, with this particular song standing out. Blue traditionally conveys a sense of melancholy, equating ‘blue’ with sadness. Yet, listening to these tracks doesn’t make me feel gloomy; instead, I experience introspection and a sense of the otherworldly.

Nell’Ora Blu blends classic elements like psychedelia and doom in a fresh light. The wavering synth and organ sounds explore the realms of psychedelia, introducing novel ideas that are haunting and eerie yet strangely familiar and identifiable. “Doom” and “subtle” aren’t commonly associated, but Nell’Ora Blu weaves a fog-like sense of doom – creeping around you, enveloping you before you realize it.

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The essence of doom isn’t solely evident in the subtle riffing throughout the album but in the atmosphere it cultivates as the tracks progress. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats have truly reinvented themselves with this record – a remarkable achievement in 2024. I’m thoroughly impressed by every track on the album – all 19 of them. There isn’t a weak link in the chain. Prepare to be captivated and utterly transported by Nell’Ora Blu. Waste no time in giving it a listen.


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